Middle School Football This Week in Guilford County(9/24-9/26)

Today September 24:
Western Guilford Middle at Northeast Guilford at 5pm(Bill Bookout Stadium)
Kernodle Middle at Southwest Guilford 5:30pm…We flipped the fields on this one….Kernodle at SWG Middle….

Wednesday September 25:
Allen Middle at Jackson Middle game at Ben L. Smith HS 5pm(Claude Manzi Stadium)
Northwest Guilford Middle at Mendenhall 5pm(Deebs Young Stadium)
Southern Guilford at The Lincoln Academy 5pm(JA Tarpley Stadium)
Penn-Griffin at Welborn Middle 5pm(A.J. Simeon Stadium)
Ferndale Middle at Allen Jay Prep 5pm
Southeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford 5:30pm(Tommy Grayson Stadium)
Northern Guilford at Jamestown Middle 5:30pm(Kenneth Miller Stadium/Ragsdale HS)

Thursday September 26:
Swann Middle at Kiser 5pm(Jamieson Stadium/Grimsley HS)