Middle School Football for Wednesday Finals(9/25/19):NWG goes to (2-0) with 48-0 win at Mendenhall Middle/Ferndale says 48-0 fits our “D” effort too, as AJ Prep Falls/Jamestown Defense shines in win over Northern(Looking for More Scores)

We are looking for more Wednesday Finals and again, back from Tuesday it was, Northeast Guilford 36, Western Guilford 6…Southwest Guilford 36, Kernodle 0

Finals from our Wednesday games featuring our Middle School Football Teams in Guilford County…..
Ferndale 48 Allen Jay Prep 0
***********Several players contributed on special teams, defense & offense. Complete team win!!**********

Jamestown Middle 12, Northern Guilford 0
Jamestown shutout Northern 12-0. Jamestown’s first string defense has yet to give up a point and has scored 8 of their own, a pick six and a safety.

Northwest Guilford Middle School 48, Mendenhall 0
Northwest Guilford got on the board for the first time today with 2:57 left in the First Quarter, and it would not be the last time the Vikings would find the end zone…NWG QB Tanner Ballou hooked up with Trent Cloud, on a 60-yard pass play and with the Ian Coleman two-point conversion run, NWG leads early, 8-0…

Tanner Ballou and the Vikings were not finished, as Ballou went to Taylor Branch on a 18-yard TD pass play with just 47.7 seconds left in the First Quarter and Northwest gets the two-point conversion run to go with the touchdown, and NWG has extended their lead to 16-0…

That’s how the First Quarter concluded, Northwest Guilford 16, Mendenhall 0

We move ahead to the Second Period/Quarter, as Ballou looks the skies and he finds Trent Cloud again, this time on an 88-yard touchdown pass play and with another two-point run, Northwest in now in total control, NWG Vikings 24, Mendenhall Mustangs 0…There was 5:12 remaining in the Second Quarter when the Vikings put up those points, and a key point to make one more time, NWG was not through yet….

NWG got a 12-yard TD run by their QB Tanner Ballou and then Ballou hit Ian Coleman on the two-point conversion pass, and with just 1:23 on the first half clock, NWG now has a very comfortable 32-0 lead, over Mendenhall…

NWG takes their 32-0 lead into the halftime break/intermission and for the First Half, Ballou with three TD passes, one TD run and 166 passing yards alone, on his TD connections to Cloud and Branch….Trent Cloud is the brother of Cam/Cameron Cloud, who played for the NWG High School Vikings, and now is part of the Richmond Spiders football team….Taylor Branch might be part of the Cliff Branch inner-circle, and that’s Cliff Branch, who used to catch/retrieve passes from Ken Stabler and Jim Plunkett, back in the day….

And now back to the Second Half of our game today…

Most of the NWG offensive starters were done for the game after halftime, and with some reserves/backups in the game, the Vikings still kept their foot on the gas pedal….With 40.2 seconds to play in the Third Quarter, Landon Webb got loose for a one-yard Northwest Guilford touchdown run, and backup QB Alex Waterfield ran the ball in for the two-point conversion and the Vikings now have an edge of 40-0 over Mendenhall….
(Alex Waterfield, reminding us of Bob Waterfield, back in the day.)

One key point in Northwest’ favor is the fact that the NWG Vikings did not miss out on any of their two-point conversions today…Basically, they could not be stopped, going 6-6 on the two-point tries…

Northwest had one more TD left in them, but first let’s update you on that Third Quarter score…..

End of Third Quarter:Northwest Guilford 40, Mendenhall 0

And for that final NWG TD today, they got the touchdown run form Devan Idlebyrd, and that was followed closely by Blaize Johnson’s two-point conversion jaunt into the back of the end zone, and your final score hits the Mendenhall Scoreboard, there at Deebs Young Memorial Field…..

Final today:Northwest Guilford Middle 48, Mendenhall 0…NWG wins today, 48-0 and the Vikes took last week’s game over Western Guilford, 56-0, and now Northwest awaits Southwest Guilford, with the Cowboys coming to Roscoe Billings Stadium next Wednesday, to face off with the NWG Vikings….And for NWG reaching their high octane offensive totals, the Vikings went with reserves, or backup position players, almost the entire Second Half…And the NWG “D” looks to be for real, after the first two weeks of the 2019 season…..NWG Coach Kevin Stewart noted that Ian Coleman and Alex Waterfield were very tough on defense today for the Vikings…

NWG now (2-0) and Mendenhall(0-2)…For the Mendenhall Mustangs, Morehead and Miranda were working hard out there again today for MMS and if they continue on, those kids and their fellow Mustangs will be fighting for that first win, and it is set to come their way soon….

Video interview with Northwest Guilford head coach Kevin Stewart coming up, along with our game footage…..

**********Middle School Football for Today in Guilford County…..**********
Wednesday September 25:
Allen Middle at Jackson Middle game at Ben L. Smith HS 5pm(Claude Manzi Stadium)
Southern Guilford at The Lincoln Academy 5pm(JA Tarpley Stadium)
Penn-Griffin at Welborn Middle 5pm(A.J. Simeon Stadium)
Southeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford 5:30pm(Tommy Grayson Stadium)
Northern Guilford at Jamestown Middle 5:30pm(Kenneth Miller Stadium/Ragsdale HS)

Coming up on Thursday September 26:
Swann Middle at Kiser 5pm(Jamieson Stadium/Grimsley HS)

Our post game interview today with NWG head coach Kevin Stewart….Click On Below…

Check out some of the key plays and the action from the game, when you Click On Below…..Action from both Mendenhall and NWG….

This next shot takes us right inside the Mendenhall Mustangs’ timeout huddle…

Next play is a thing of beauty/work-of-art, the 88-yard TD pass play from Tanner Ballou to Trent Cloud…Click Below…

Big long run by the Vikings to set up a TD….Click Below…

NWG QB takes it in for the TD…Click Below…

Very good sideline stop, by the Mendenhall Mustangs’ Defense….Click Below…

Mendenhall Mustangs’ Offense on the move behind the running of Morehead…Click Below…

The Northwest Guilford running game, and #41 coming right at you….Click Below…

Northwest Guilford takes it in, on a one-yard touchdown run…Click Below….


  1. Jamestown shutout Northern 12-0. Jamestown’s first string defense has yet to give up a point and has scored 8 of their own, a pick six and a safety.

  2. You mentioned nothing of Ferndale which can beat over half the middle school football teams in the county.

  3. I may have missed something, but we have Ferndale Middle in our headline and their score up at the top of the page…Coach Shaw sent me the info on Ferndale and it was up here last night….

    Ferndale is doing great and they have had a great two-year run…Coach Shaw and the crew do a super job over there in High Point…

  4. wow whassup with my kernodle school produce a lot of big time talent back in the day is the pipeline drying up?
    IF not mistaken they had T Henni, Big play Tre Turner, Spicer, Landry along with current NW high stars E smith, Xavier the Xman, Tucker Gibbs.
    WesternG stars Eric, Eli williams
    Coach bell linz whassup out there? We need an alumni game inject some energy back into it.

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