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Middle School Football Today in Guilford County(10/2/19):”Wednesday in the Middle”

Middle School Football Games Today for our Guilford County Teams….Next week the games will be on Monday and Tuesday, due to Early Dismissal on Wednesday….

Today/Wednesday October 2
Hairston Middle vs. The Academy at Lincoln 5pm at Tarpley Stadium/Dudley HS
Ferndale Middle(2-0) vs. Welborn Middle 5pm at A.J. Simeon Stadium, in High Point
Allen Jay Prep at Southern Guilford Middle 5pm…
Kiser(1-1) at Western Guilford Middle(0-2) 5pm
Mendenhall(0-2) at Northern Middle(1-1) 5pm…Johnny Roscoe Stadium
Northeast Guilford Middle(1-1) at Eastern Middle 5:30pm…Tommy Grayson Field
Southwest Guilford(2-0) at Northwest Guilford Middle(2-0) 5:30pm…R.L. Billings Stadium
Jamestown(2-0) at Southeast Middle 6pm…Bill Slayton Stadium