Middle School Football Results for Tuesday(10/8/19):Jamestown stays Unbeaten and defense has yet to give up a point/JMS Tigers at Northwest Guilford next Wednesday(Looking for more Finals from Today’s games)

from Tuesday:Ferndale 52, Hairston 6
Ferndale and Jamestown are both (4-0)…..Allen Middle(2-0)
Kiser 26, Jackson 0
Jackson Middle only had 11 players but they never quit and played the whole game. Tobyn Dunning had 2 TD passes. One to James Tyler and one to big #92 Andre Hill. James Tyler also had a rushing TD and Amanti Jones added the final score for Kiser. Next up for Kiser(3-1), Allen(2-0) next Wednesday at Smith.

Lincoln 28, Penn-Griffin 18

Eastern Guilford 14, Swann 0

Northwest Guilford 22, Southeast Guilford 0, so now NWG is also (4-0)…Jamestown at NWG next Wednesday….
NWG QB Tanner Ballou started the game with a strong drive, capped off with a 35-Yard TD pass to Jaylen Cross. 2-Point Conversion run was good by Ian Coleman. Next TD was a 10-yard TD run by Ryan Debo. Missed Two Point Conversion. Next TD was Ballou’s 10th TD pass of the season/0 INT’s, to Taylor Branch. Ryan Debo up the middle for the Two point Conversion.

More word just in:Allen Middle 18, Northeast Middle 12
Elijah Chambers went for 3 rushing Touchdowns and Had a Big Big Interception to put the game away.

Final:Southwest Guilford 24, Mendenhall 0

Jamestown Middle 44, Kernodle Middle 8
Only score of the day for Kernodle came on Pick Six by Omarion Wilson, and the two-point run by Jackson Godfrey vs. the Jamestown #2 unit on defense…..
Next Week Jamestown at Northwest Guilford and Kernodle at home vs. Mendenhall Middle

Post game interview with Jamestown Middle School head coach Curt Swatalski, Click Below…

Much more details on the way…
Amir Mitchell scored the first Jamestown TD on a 1-yard run and the two-point run by Nick Rutledge was good, and Jamestown led 8-0 with 7:34 to go in the First Quarter…

Alex Little on a 34-yard run next for Jamestown, and the Tigers moved on top over Kernodle 14-0, the two-point conversion failed, and JMS is in front 14-0, with 3:36 to go First Quarter..Nick Rutledge recovers the blocked Kernodle Cougar punt and takes it back all the way, 27 yards for the score, and after the two-point pass play fails, Jamestown now leads Kernodle, 20-0 and we still have 2:09 left in the First Quarter….

With just 14.6 seconds left in the First Quarter, Jamestown Middle scores on a 13-yard TD run by Javonte Ford and Ford’s touchdown was set up by a 50-yard run by Amir Mitchell to get the ball down to the 13-yard line, where Ford drove it in for the score….The two-point run was good and as we move ahead to the Second Quarter, Jamestown Middle now leads Kernodle, 28-0…
End of First Quarter:Jamestown Middle 28, Kernodle Middle 0

JMS QB Gavin Williams took off on a 45-yard touchdown run and his two-point conversion pass to Holbrook was good, and this came with 6:46 to play in the 2nd Quarter and now Jamestown leads Kernodle, 36-0…

Amil Mitchell adds another TD to his daily total on a 28-yard scamper and again, the two-point conversion is good, now extending the JMS lead to 44-0 with just 1:44 left to go in the 2nd Quarter….
Halftime:Jamestown Middle 44, Kernodle Middle 0

End of 3rd Quarter:Jamestown Middle 44, Kernodle 0

In the fourth period, Kernodle finds the end zone on a Pick Six from Omarion Williams, and the PAT for two was good on a run by Jackson Godfrey, and now we have Jamestown leading Kernodle, 44-8, with 6:14 remaining on the game clock…JMS played their reserves the entire second half and once Coach Curt and his Tigers grabbed that large halftime lead, they let the Tiger backups get in some very key/quality minutes of playing time, throughout the Second Half….

Jamestown Middle has a super-strong running game and Northwest Guilford has a vaunted passing attack, so the game at Northwest Guilford next Wednesday, has the makings of a very good and BIG ball game…

So far this season, Jamestown, Ferndale and Northwest Guilford seem to be the top teams in the county, and we do have some other good ones, to go along with these Top Three….

More action from JMS vs. Kernodle…Click Below…

Blocked Punt leads to a Jamestown Middle School Touchdown…Click Below…

Two-point play just misses for Jamestown…

Tuesday Games:
Welborn at Allen Jay Prep 5pm

Northern Guilford Middle(2-1) OFF
Southern Guilford Middle OFF
Western Guilford(0-3) OFF


  1. Why doesn’t Ferndale get the respect it deserves? They win it all almost every year.

  2. Technically nobody wins it all any year. There are too many teams for them all to play each other, and there are no playoffs but I agree Ferndale is good.

  3. From what I hear they have three separate Conference Champions….Northwest and Jamestown are in the same conference and they play each other next week..

    Ferndale….Then NWG and Jamestown and not sure who the other conference leader would be???

    One year they had what was labeled a Championship Game and it was Southwest Guilford vs. Swann at Southwest…They may have had to get special approval to pull that game off….It was a BIG game and had a ton of fans there to see it….

    Lots of kids, now on the Varsity level, were in that game, that night over at Southwest Guilford…

    Again, conference leaders:

    Jamestown/Northwest Guilford
    And the Third Conference might be on a decision run with Allen(2-0) vs. Kiser(3-1) next week…..That conference may have Kiser, Allen, Northeast, Western Guilford, Mendenhall, Eastern Guilford and Swann…And that gives you 7 teams right there…Swann may a one-loss team and they did beat Kiser 14-12, I think it was earlier this season….

    NWG, SWG, Jamestown, Kernodle, Northern, Southeast Guilford, and Jackson and that gives you 7 more teams…

    Then you would have Ferndale, Hairston, Welborn, Penn-Griffin, Southern Guilford, The Academy at Lincoln, and Allen Jay Prep…That is their 7 there…

    Total of 21 Middle School teams in Guilford County, along with Brown Summit Middle and I don’t see Brown Summit having any sports teams, at least not a football team….

    Are we close on the grouping of the 7’s???

    About 4 weeks into the season and around 4 weeks left to play….

    You take the Three Conference winners and the next best team overall team from all three of the conferences and then you have a Two-week/Two game playoff…Three games overall when you look at the two semifinal games and then the Championship Game…

    You are only talking two extra weeks of the season and you are still done by December 1…

    Seed the teams by best overall records and if you need a Tie-Breaker use head-to-head if there was any, then go to points for and points against….

    Playoff System for Middle School Football in Guilford County….Two week Playoff Run…Semifinals with the top four teams(Conference Winners and the Wild Card) first week and then the Championship Game, the second week and again, you are done before December 1….

  4. Good call Coach Edwards…Then that would make the annual Kiser-Mendenhall game a non-conference game, but still a must-play game, due to Grimsley and Page influence of those two territories/districts….

    Sort of like the old days of territorial wrestling…You have to stick to the origins of a territory and the history of the territorial battles…

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