High School Football Tonight in and Around Guilford County(10/11/19):Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week

*****All kickoffs set for 7:30pm, unless otherwise noted…..*****

High Point Central(0-7) at Grimsley(6-1)

Page(1-6) at Northwest Guilford(2-4)…..This will be our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week…From the R.L. Billings Stadium, at Northwest Guilford HS on GreensboroSports Radio…6:45 pregame with Don Tilley joining us on GreensboroSports Radio….Page vs. Northwest Guilford in a key Metro 4-A Conference game for both teams and on GreensboroSports Radio…..Don Moore with the Scoreboard tonight, on GreensboroSports.com…..

Smith(1-5) at Dudley(5-1)….Dennis Williamson at this game for us, for GreensboroSports.com…

Mount Tabor(3-3) at Western Guilford(4-2)……We will have D.J. Wagner at this game for GreensboroSports.com…

Southwest Guilford(4-2) at WS Parkland(4-2)

Eastern Alamance(6-0) at Northern Guilford(4-2)

Northeast Guilford(4-2) at Rockingham County(2-4)

Asheboro(1-5) at Eastern Guilford(4-3)

Southeast Guilford(3-3) at Southern Alamance(5-2)…SEG rep at this game for us, shooting us scores for GreensboroSports.com….

Southwestern Randolph(3-3) at Southern Guilford(2-5)

High Point Andrews(4-2) at Eastern Randolph(6-1)

Ragsdale(2-5) OFF

Covenant Day School(2-5) at High Point Christian Academy(5-2) 7pm

Bishop McGuinness(1-5) at East Surry(6-0)

West Forsyth(6-0) at East Forsyth(6-0)

Mount Tabor
WS Parkland
Eastern Alamance
Northeast Guilford
Eastern Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Southern Guilford
Eastern Randolph
High Point Christian
East Surry
East Forsyth
Picks were (9-2) last week and for the season (59-19)…..

This Week’s Top Ten Poll
3)Southwest Guilford(4-2)
4)Northeast Guilford(4-2)
5)Northern Guilford(4-2)
6)Southern Guilford(3-3)
7)Western Guilford(4-2)
8)Southeast Guilford(3-3)
9)Eastern Guilford(3-3)
10)TIE:High Point Andrews(4-2)/High Point Christian(4-3)

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  1. Andy,

    What’s the word on former Nighthawk defensive standout Walker Harris
    Situation at Jacksonville State.

  2. Very complicated issue…A total of 12 young men and 9 students from Jacksonville State were charged with rape, there at Jacksonville State University, in Alabama…

    The articles I saw showed the sex was not forcible sex, but it is considered rape when the young men had sex with the young ladies who were of the ages of 12-16…

    The young men were over 16, but the young ladies were between the ages of 12-16 and with their ages being 12-16, even if it was consensual, the sex was considered rape due to ages of the young ladies….
    (The ages of the young men were relatively 18-19 years old.)

    The young men, again, 9 of them, including Walker Harris, met the girls online and the girls began coming onto the Jacksonville State University campus last January…

    The boys and girls met through social media and then began the relationships and some of the young men, the article said 9 were from Jacksonville State University and then 3 more young men were from outside the University, they were involved with what was said to be two girls, between the ages of 12-16…

    The Alabama law state that sex with the underage girls 12-16 is illegal and against state law and therefore the young men, again the number of nine football players from Jacksonville State University, in Alabama are involved…

    It all stems from relationships that were developed through social media and the sex was mentioned as not being forcible, but with the Alabama state law, the young men have been charged with rape, due to the fact that the girls, who again were ages 12-16 can not make that decision to have the sex with young men over the age of 16 on their own…Too young, the girls are for consent to be allowed into this issue….

    Will try and get more concrete details as time allows, but that is how we have it broken down right now, and we have explained this as best as possible…

    And there you have it…

    The Jacksonville State University president did take a leave of absence about a week after this case came to light…

    Not really a matter for a lot of overall speculation and discussion until all of the details can be resolved…

  3. Wanted to ad in this post comment to make sure that overall justice has been open and let what needs to be served, be served…Hoping the best turns out for all parties that are involved, here is what we have from coming in to GreensboroSports.com….

    I am the attorney representing him(Walker Harris). I have thoroughly investigated this matter including speaking with many different people. The media has grossly exaggerated this. He is 100% innocent and it will be declared in the near future. He did not engage in any unlawful conduct but rather was a student doing the right thing. Contrary to the media reports, he never had any contact with her via social media or otherwise. I cannot get into more details at this time but again, he in No way engaged in any unlawful conduct with any person I hope that all will respect his rights to the presumptions of innocence. I ask how would you feel if your son was accused of something he did not do.

    I will be traveling down to him to ensure he obtains justice.

    Thank you for your time.

    Norman Klick

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