National Arena League to Expand North West Virginia Roughriders Join the NAL in 2020

National Arena League to Expand North West Virginia Roughriders Join the NAL in 2020
from D.J. Wagner with the Carolina Cobras

ATLANTA – The National Arena League is proud to announce that two more teams are joining the NAL for the 2020 season. The selected teams both come from the Northeast region of the United States and will kick off next year.

Unveiled today the West Virginia Roughriders are one of the two teams that will be joining the NAL in 2020 with the second team to be announced tomorrow. The Roughriders, formerly known as the Richmond Roughriders (Virginia) have years of experience in arena football, playing in both the Pro Football League (PFL) and the American Arena League (AAL). Over the last three seasons, they have won two league championships (APF 2017, AAL 2019) and have grown significantly as an arena football brand. The Roughriders will play in Wheeling, WV at the West Bayco Arena.

“We are very excited to be a part of the NAL. It’s a very competitive league with great coached teams, and outstanding players, I am thrilled to be among the great ownership groups they have throughout the league and we will be ready to compete in 2020,” stated Gregg Fornario, Owner of the West Virginia Roughriders.

The Roughriders will be NAL’s sixth team for 2020 and will join the Massachusetts Pirates in the northeast region of the league. The Roughriders will also compete with the Jacksonville Sharks, Orlando Predators, Carolina Cobras, and Columbus Lions. More information about the 2020 schedule will be announced in the months to come.

Commissioner Chris Seigfried spoke to league media in regards to the recent league expansion saying, “we are thrilled with the addition of the West Virginia Roughriders for 2020. West Virginia brings us a quality team with excellent ownership. They are a fantastic addition to the NAL’s east coast footprint.”

The National Arena League was founded in 2016 and hosted its inaugural season in 2017 as the premier league in arena football. For more information regarding expansion opportunities or partnerships, contact Commissioner Chris Siegfried at chris@nationalarenaleague.com . For more information about the NAL visit w ww.nationalarenaleague.com, facebook.com/nationalarenaleauge, twitter.com/NALfootball, Instagram.com/nationalarenaleague.