Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford HS/Appalachian State) brings an Old School Skill Set/Mentality to the game of College Football

Thomas Hennigan’s old school was Northwest Guilford High School, but he brings an old school mentality/skill set to his new school, Appalachian State University….

Hennigan is sort of throwback player, much like what you used to see back in the 70’s…He is the kid/young man that finds all kinds of ways to get on the football field…

Whether it be receiving, and that’s an area where Thomas Hennigan leads Appalachian, or if it is blocking for his teammates, or if it is a situation that finds Thomas returning punts, he is game, for all these parts of the game of college football…

Hennigan leads/led Appalachian going into the South Alabama game on Saturday, as he had 27 receptions for 316 yards and 3 touchdowns, and Thomas went out and added 58 yards to his receiving total, on 6 catches and he also hauled in one more TD vs. South Alabama…Thomas now with 33 receptions, for 374 total yards receiving and now 4 TD’s, for the season….

Hennigan also returned two punts on Saturday for 39 yards and when he wasn’t catching passes or returning punts, Thomas could be found downfield blocking….He finds ways to get himself immersed in all phases of the football game….

No standing around watching for Thomas Hennigan, he is always readily on the move and ready to go, and when he goes, he goes all-out/full steam, all of the time…

Thomas Hennigan sort of reminds me of a player like a Christian McCaffrey…Thomas is bigger that McCaffrey, with McCaffrey listed at 5’11/205 and Thomas Hennigan goes at 6’2/210, so there is not a huge difference in size, but the similarities are striking in the way that the two football players approach the game….Both are of that old school mentality, that they will be willing to anything that will help their team get better, and they both run with similar drive and that old school determination that sets them apart, from the other football players you see running around out there these days..

Thomas Hennigan has brought his old school football upbringing up to The Rock in Boone, and the APP State Mountaineers are thankful to have a player of Hennigan’s old school heritage with them, for the LONG haul….

Thomas likes old school music too and you can read more about how Thomas Hennigan has gone Old School/Old Skool on the football fans from APP State Nation, when you
CLICK HERE to read more about this kid from the Alex W. Spears III YMCA on Horsepen Creek Road, and the kid/young man that helped make the Northwest Guilford Vikings a very tough team to catch, back when Thomas Hennigan and Tre Turner, were catching passes for the Vikings….

Be sure to hit that CLICK HERE and read on from Steve Behr at the Watauga Democrat, as I have only begun to scratch the surface, and you won’t believe how much of the story is left to be told on Thomas Hennigan, the Old School/Skool Football Player, from Northwest Guilford High School/Skool….

**********Thomas Hennigan, just like Christian McCaffrey, a human Swiss Army Knife…**********