Student-Athletes will be paid for their Name, Image and Likeness:Lots of Gray Area floating around here/NCAA Pay to Play

The NCAA is embracing “change” and starting the process of allowing student-athletes to profit off of their name, image and likeness, the organization announced Tuesday.

The group’s top governing board voted unanimously to allow college athletes to be compensated, though the NCAA’s three divisions must still craft their own rules and detail the specifics.

The decision is a major shift for the NCAA, which had historically been steadfast in prohibiting college athletes from being paid, in order to preserve its amateurism rules. The organization sent a letter to California Gov. Gavin Newsom earlier in September opposing the state’s “Fair Pay to Play Act,” arguing that it would “upend [a] level playing field for all student-athletes.”

There looks to be a lot of Gray Area floating around here and by that we mean, Gray Area/Grey Area may refer to a fuzzy border between two states, such as legal and illegal actions…..

What happens if some crazy booster tells some NCAA DI football recruit that I will make some real nice T-shirts with your name and image on them and well sell them if you come to our school/college and I will go ahead and give you 5 million US dollars up front for all of those T-shirts with your name and image on them, that we are going to sell…

This all could turn out to be nightmare in the NCAA…