Monday in the Middle look at Middle School Football in Guilford County…Kernodle tops Southeast Guilford, 28-16/Northern Guilford JV’s over Morehead, 28-0

JV Football Final:Northern Guilford 28, Morehead 0
Northern Guilford now at (8-1) on the season….

Going to be getting dark and cool in a hurry, with those 5:30pm Middle School starts……
Final from a cool spot up on the hill/track at Kernodle Middle School today, with Norman Smith calling out all of the action on the Kernodle Cougars’ public address/PA system, and Cougars’ Athletic Director Ursala Williams leading the overall process…..

Final:Kernodle Cougars 28, Southeast Guilford Falcons 16

With 1:57 left on the First Quarter clock Kernodle struck first in this game, with RB #20 Malique Jones taking off on a long run, and Jones took it all the way across the goal line and with the Two-point conversion run by Kernodle QB #42 Jackson Godfrey, the early score was, Kernodle 8, Southeast Guilford 0

Kernodle kicker Hunter Autry with the kickoff and Southeast Guilford got their shot, but SEG QB Chase McElroy and SEG RB Johnny Curtis couldn’t get anything going and the Kernodle defense was being led by Jackson Godfrey and Malik Jones, and the Cougars got the ball back and went back to work again…But Kernodle could not convert and with time running out in the first quarter, our First Quarter score was:Kernodle 8, Southeast Guilford 0

The defense now led by Michael Covington-Brassfield continued to shine for Kernodle and the Cougars’ offense was able to take over when their defense gave them the football, and the Cougars turned it into points, as KMS QB Jackson Godfrey took off on a short 5-yard run and he got the five yards, but he turned that into six(6) points with the touchdown run, and Godfrey took it a step or two further, when he connected with Malique Jones on the Two-point conversion pass, and that sent our score to 16-0 Kernodle, with just 38.1 seconds remaining to be played in the first half….

The SEG kickoff return man was Micah Smith, but he was brought down hard and then SEG got the ball with just seconds left in the first half and SEG puts a pass up for grabs, and Kernodle’s Prince Brown pulls the ball away for the Cougars’ interception, and that also brought an end to the first half, with Kernodle over Southeast Guilford, 16-0….

Half number two finds the Kernodle Cougars just cruising along, up 16-0 and the kickoff to Southeast Guilford to begin second stanza of this game, is recovered by Kernodle’s Prince Brown and the onside kick and cover by the Cougars works perfectly…

The Cougars cash in after the onside kick pickup, and the Cougar kid the recovered the kick, he snares a 17-yard pass from Kernodle QB Jackson Godfrey and Prince Brown is wearing a King’s Crown, as he scored the TD and after the Two-point pass fails, Kernodle nows leads over SEG, 22-0 and that score lights up the scoreboard, with 4:26 to go in the Third Quarter…..

Southeast Guilford breaks up the Kernodle shutout, when the Falcons’ Tashawn Johnson takes off on a long Falcon run of 60 yards and takes the football “to the house” and the SEG Falcons are on the board and to make things even better, quarterback Chase McElroy finds Darin Bethea open on the Two-point play, and with 3:40 to go in the Third Period, our score now is, Kernodle 22-Southeast 8…..

Kernodle goes looking to get back the points they just gave up,(got to get some kind of response) and when Juan Tandi-Mazu is through, he ends up running 70 yards for another Kernodle Cougar touchdown, and after the pass attempt for two points is no good, Kernodle now leads Southeast Guilford, 28-8 and we have 7:16 left in the football game when Kernodle lit up the scoreboard again…Just 44 seconds in the fourth and final quarter and Kernodle has put up points again…

A busy day for the Kernodle Cougars and Southeast Guilford says they have at least one more score up their sleeve, when Tashawn Johnson takes off again for a strong run of 33 yards and he hits paydirt for the SEG TD, and it is followed by a successful Two-point run from Kernodle’s QB Jackson Godfrey and that would close out our scoring for this afternoon/this evening…The final points of the game came with 4:57 remaining in the contest and that led us to our final score….

Final Score:Kernodle Cougars 28, Southeast Guilford Falcons 16
(Kernodle Cougars led by head coach Quincy Bell Sr. and Southeast Guilford Falcons led by long-time coach, Dave Beasley.)

Southeast Guilford at Kernodle today/Monday at 5:30pm
Northern Guilford at Southwest Guilford tomorrow/Tuesday at 5:30pm
More games coming your way on Wednesday of this week….

We are also thinking that we have a JV Football Game tonight with Southwest Guilford at Dudley and can anyone verify…..We may have to call NEWS 2 and and see if we can get them to verify…..

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