Predictions on the Grimsley at Page football game set for TONIGHT at 7:30pm, at Marion Kirby Stadium

I got my prediction in my head yesterday and thought I would go ahead and post it this afternoon and my prediction comes in at Grimsley 34, Page 15…Grimsley with the five touchdowns and one missed extra point kick attempt and then Page with the two TD’s vs. a very tough Grimsley defense and then on one of their touchdowns, Page goes for two and they are successful…

Looking at the Page-Ragsdale game and the Grimsley-Ragsdale game, Page falls to Ragsdale 45-35 and Grimsley defeats Ragsdale, 33-25….Lots of scoring in both games, so it shows the teams area capable of putting up points, as you look at the head-to-head vs. the like opponent….

So the score we have here goes Grimsley 34, Page 15 and when you look at the Grimsley offense, they will need another big night from running back Quan Nora, but the entire deal must be started up with quarterback Chris Zellous…The Zellous reads will be a major key to this game…He got off to a great start running the ball vs. Ragsdale and then to Ragsdale’s credit the Tigers made some great adjustments, but when the game was on the line and it was getting late, Nora stepped up and ran with authority and that gave Grimsley the shot in the arm or leg, that they needed to get past Ragsdale…

To get past Page, Grimsley will have to come out and get off to a good start…You can’t let an underdog like Page keep hanging around…Grimsley let Ragsdale keep the game close and it almost cost the Whirlies last Friday night…If Grimsley can get Page down, the Whirlies must go for the knockout punch…You can’t keep on messing/playing around with your chief rival team and give them a chance to stay, and be, in the football game….Apollo Creed’s cornerman/manager said it well, “You can’t keep playing around with that Balboa, he is going to get you/kill you”….

And Page will come and get you, if you give them the opportunity…I wouldn’t be surprised to see Page have sophomore Alonza Barnett at quarterback, and then bring senior QB Javondre Paige on the field and line him up at another position, say receiver or running back and get the ball in Paige’s hands for Page, any way you can and let him go to work…Could be the last game for the senior and the season is on the line, turn him loose and find a way to let him help….You can’t sit back and be throwing darts up the field, the big play is good, but if you don’t gain yards and maintain ball control, Grimsley is going to take the ball over on downs and they will do exactly what you should have been doing…

Self control is going to be a key for both teams…How much does the team win mean to you??? I would think it means a lot and therefore if you lose your self-control and let your emotions take over and you go crazy, there goes a chance for the win/victory and all you have to sit around and talk about ten years from now, is a loss…

Just some thoughts and playing smart and playing down-to-down will be important…You can’t get caught up in the moment, this is one of those times where the “Big Picture” means more than the big shot upside somebody’s head…

This could turn out to be a strategic football game, and if the weather is going to be anything like they say it is going to be, this could be a bear…

The Grimsley defense with guys like Travis Shaw, Sincere Burnette, Quentin Williamson, Cam Allison, Jaquavion Mayo, Tamorye Thompson and others will need to have their heads on tight tomorrow night…Page is really playing for a ‘one game season’ and Grimsley has been focused on playing for more than that, since back in early August…..

We said Grimsley 34, Page 15 and Joe Sirera from the HSXtra at the News and Record said:Joe Sirera Grimsley, 37-17, while Spencer Turkin at the HSXtra/News and Record said, Grimsley, 42-14….I had been watching for their predictions and they got them up there, this afternoon….

What do the rest of you say?????

15 thoughts on “Predictions on the Grimsley at Page football game set for TONIGHT at 7:30pm, at Marion Kirby Stadium

  1. You are right that Grimsley looked less than sharp last week. They cannot play that way this week. Page is banged up but will come out strong. I think Grimsley will win 42-35.

  2. Don’t care about the score….but Page will win. Why? Just because that is the way it is. 🙂

  3. Grimsley wins the JV football game 14-8 and I wonder how that Varsity game will turn out….

    Page vs. Grimsley Friday night at Jamieson Stadium, with a 7:30pm kickoff…

  4. While only a selected few will move on to play in college. For the rest of the seniors, this is it. Both teams will play hard and leave it on the field. Grimsley 34 Page 21

  5. Gfan….that would be okay. Page has won many games in that stadium as I’m sure you already know.

  6. Some interesting numbers from Stafford Moser on Twitter:

    Stafford Moser Sr
    51-11-3. Anyone know what those numbers represent?

  7. Ok Pirate fans don’t just sit at home and cry. Come on out and root for the Whirlies in a couple weeks.

  8. Final was Grimsley 32, Page 17…My prediction of Grimsley 34, Page 15 was not far off…

    15-point actual difference in the game…My score was a difference of 19 points, Joe Sirera had a difference o of 20 points, 37-17 Grimsley and Spencer Turkin had a difference of 28 points, 42-14, Grimsley….

  9. And if they didn’t arbitrarily choose to throw out the best RB in the state your prediction would have been waaaaayyyy off. But we love ya man

  10. Relax a little Gfan….it’s Saturday morning! In the end, Grimsley won because they were better. Glad you have something to be so excited about. Whatever will you do when the season is over? 🙂

    Assume you have played in this rivalry game before?

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