Washington Post Post/Article on Javon Leake(Page HS/Maryland Terrapins) and his dad:You need to give this a read and you will get a good football feeling

This is almost one of those must-read posts/articles and it is coming in from Emily Giambalvo, at the Washington Post, and the piece is on former Page High School running back Javon Leake, now a top running back for the Maryland Terrapins, and the article talks about how Javon Leake interacts with his dad, who is in prison in Upstate New York, just a few miles south of the Canadian border and like we are saying, this is a must-read…It deals with football life and how you can still be a part of someone’s life, while they are running down the field and scoring touchdowns and you might be behind bars without much outside contact….

This is one of those good ones, that spread a little hope onto the football field today….

CLICK HERE for Javon Leake and his dad, and again coming in from Emily Giambalvo, at the Washington Post…..