Looking at the Predictions and Comments prior to East Forsyth football at the Grimsley Whirlies on Friday night:Time to hear from you on this one!!!

Let’s begin with the comments in the order by which they have been coming in and we go back to early in the week and start right here…….

@@@ News and Record Joe Sirera prediction…Prediction:East Forsyth, 27-23

@@@ 1st let me say East Forsyth is not Glenn! The Eagles are always playing their best ball in November and December. People have been talking about not having Marshall & rumor on the street is Marshall and Crowell both 4 stars at East are both going to be back this week.
(from East Forsyth coach Todd Willert, with Patrick Ferlise at the Winston-Salem Journal:Micah Crowell suffered a “knee injury” in the spring. Crowell’s return to the field will likely be next season, according to Willert.)
(Ahmani Marshall suffered a broken bone in his shoulder during a 41-38 loss to West Forsyth.)

@@@ East Forsyth had 12 guys out last week. Not good coming to our house like that! I think not only does Grimsley win we make it look rather easy.
Grimsley 38
East 17

@@@ Got one comment. GO WHIRLIES!!!!

@@@ Andy..I see it coming down to a defensive stop in the 4th quarter…my prediction is Grimsley 24-EF 20

@@@ I feel like the absence of a kicking game could be a key factor in Grimsley being denied. It’s easy to brush it to the side until your are on the 15yd line tied or down 1 and a kick could tie or win the game. When things seem to be so balanced and even between two really really good teams, I could see this coming down to a kick. No dog in the fight just a football fan with an observation.
**********Here is the kicking comparison we picked up over at MaxPreps:**********
Kicking Comparison

Grimsley junior kicker Jake Henry:
12 games…49-63 PAT kicks/1-1 Field Goals(30 yards)

East Forsyth sophomore kicker Andrew Conrad:
13 games…56-61 PAT Kicks/4-8 Field Goals(Long of 26 yards)
**********Grimsley has gone for two on their PAT’s for the past three games….East kicker Andrew Conrad was injured last Friday night(hip injury), and not sure about his availability for this Friday night….Should be available and still just probable…**********

@@@ Good luck Grimsley!! All of Greensboro should be over on Westover Terrace Friday evening. I will make the drive over since I don’t currently have any plans.
(from someone going by the name of Ron Rivera)

@@@ I really hope East Forsyth knocks Grimsley out Friday. Should be a great game tho. I see the score looking like the first time…(21-20 East)

@@@ Nora is going to put a beatdown on East Forsyth Friday night! Last time we played they couldn’t stop him and they got lucky. We played awful early because of their name. Once we saw they weren’t dominate at all we put a beatdown on them. Just wait people! GRIMSLEY 40 EAST 7

@@@ Everyone get over to Grimsley and watch Grimsley get this DUB!!! Grimsley and Nora will dominate East Forsyth.
Grimsley 42
East 8

@@@ No Page fan will EVER pull for Grimsley in ANYTHING! You guys have 1 good year and act smug and arrogant! Enjoy it cause the Pirates will be back and when we do I will be right here talking trash still. As far as the game unfortunately Grimsley will win. East has too many injuries. Grimsley 35 East Forsyth 13

@@@ East Forsyth front 7 on defense are trash! They couldn’t stop Nora before and won’t stop him now! If you really think about it they didn’t stop any good RBs! Can’t wait to see Grimsley go to the State Championship and beat last years Champs! Will make it that much sweeter.

3 thoughts on “Looking at the Predictions and Comments prior to East Forsyth football at the Grimsley Whirlies on Friday night:Time to hear from you on this one!!!

  1. Here is our GreensboroSports.com prediction for you…

    Grimsley 22, East Forsyth 13
    Grimsley scores three times and goes for two all three times and makes it twice…East kicks the PAT’s and goes 1-2….

    Greensboro Grimsley 22, Kernersville East Forsyth 13

    *****Grimsley trying to take out Kernersville in 2019…Beat Kernersville Glenn last week, and looking to knock off East Forsyth this week….*****

  2. When did the Grimsley faithful become so cocky and arrogant! You’re not playing the Bobcats this week.

  3. I think East Forsyth is going to catch Grimsley off guard. Grimsley is not going to be expecting this but it will be East Forsyth 42, Grimsley 6. All East.

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