Fayetteville State Broncos Basketball(8-0) is Greensboro East with Jalen Seegars(Page/HPCA), Jalen Spicer(Northwest Guilford), Raymon Pratt(Smith HS), Jacob Crutchfield(Smith HS) and Jaylin Gamble(HP Andrews/Smith HS))

You see the Fayetteville State Broncos men’s basketball roster and you might start out looking for Jalen Spicer, from Northwest Guilford High School, but then you keep on looking and then you will also spot and find Jalen Seegars(Page HS/High Point Christian Academy) and Jalen might have even been at Southern Guilford for one year, but after the two Jalens from Greensboro, you are not done yet…

Continue on in your spot duty of that Fayetteville State University roster and you’ll see Raymon Pratt, from Ben L. Smith High School and there’s Jacob Crutchfield, also from Ben L. Smith High School and there’s a big man, Jaylin Gamble, who finished up at High Point Andrews High School, but I think Gamble might have spent a year or two, over at Smith…Jaylin Gamble listed as a senior for Smith in 2017-2018, so he must jumped in with High Point Andrews in the second semester of that season….Smith was (27-4) that season and had Gamble, Jacob Crutchfield, Cam Hayes, Isaiah Bigelow and others….
(Upon further research, Jaylin Gamble was with High Point Andrews in 2016-2017, and Gamble must have finished up with Ben L. Smith, as a high school senior.)

This is really some sort of Homecoming of sorts, when we see all of these Greensboro kids playing this season, for Fayetteville State University….I knew coach Richard Hayes II had worked the Greensboro area hard, in bringing local Guilford County football kids to Fayetteville State, but you have to agree, the Fayetteville State basketball team is loaded with young men from Greensboro….

Jalen Seegars got his college start up at UNC-Asheville, Jalen Spicer began his college career at Richard Bland College in South Prince George, Virginia….Raymon Pratt is a former N.C. A&T Aggie…Pretty sure Jacob Crutchfield was a straight to the FSU Broncos from Ben L. Smith player….As far as big Jaylin Gamble goes, he’s now at 6’8/280 and redshirting this season….

By the numbers, and you know how that goes, well maybe you don’t know how that goes, but we do know this and you can spread the word….Fayetteville State is loaded with young male basketball players from Greensboro and the FSU Broncos are Unbeaten, at (8-0)…

Other key numbers and they are not numbing, but they are strong and impressive and they go this way…..

Jalen Seegars(Page/HPCA) is averaging 14.1 points per game and 4.6 rebounds per game…Seegars is shooting 20-24 from the free throw line and with his 14.1 ppg, Seegars is currently the leading scorer on the Fayetteville State University men’s basketball team….

Raymon Pratt(Smith HS) is averaging 11.4 points per game and 6.5 rebounds per game….Pratt #3 on the FSU team in scoring….

Jalen Spicer(NWG) is averaging 3.6 points per game and he has not started a game, but he has played in all 8 FSU games, and this stat jumps off the page at me…No starts for Spicer, but he leads the team in assists with 32….That is solid production in the backcourt, coming off of the bench, from Spicer…

Jacob Crutchfield(Smith HS) has played in 3 games for FSU and he has logged 24 minutes of action so far this Broncos’ season, but has yet to hit his scoring stride..Gamble, as we mentioned earlier, is in a redshirt season….

That gives you a good look at the guys’ numbers and they may be increasing tonight, as Fayetteville State(8-0) faces the Livingstone Bears(7-2) tonight at the Capel Arena, on the Fayetteville State University campus, in Fayetteville, N.C.

I had never been there until about three years ago, and now I know that trek from Greensboro to Fayetteville in my sleep…Get on Highway 421 South and just keep going straight, and you will go right into Fayetteville…Get past the Fort Bragg military side of town and go on down the street and make a left and you are in the lot(Capel Arena)…

We have seen and broadcast the Eastern Guilford boys and girls from Fayetteville State, the Northern Guilford boys and girls from Fayetteville State, and the Southeast Guilford girls from Fayetteville State and have seen some basketball, from that Capel Arena, where the Greensboro East Boys are playing tonight, for the Fayetteville State University Broncos…

You have Jalen Seegars, also known as “Smiley”, Jalen Spicer, also known as “The Spice Man”, Raymon Pratt, also known as “Prattman”, Jacob Crutchfield, also known as “Crutch” and “Clutch”, or Jake…And Jaylin Gamble, also known as the “Big Man”….

This is the story of our men from Greensboro, who now make their basketball home in Fayetteville…Greensboro East is on the move…Let’s hope they get the win tonight vs. Livingstone..

BTW:By the Way…Fayetteville State University defeated Methodist University back on Saturday(December 7), 72-68, in the “Battle of Fayetteville”….Jalen Seegars(Page/HPCA) with 14 points in that game for the FSU Broncos…

Halftime of Tonight’s/Monday night’ game:Fayetteville State University 30, Livingstone 29
Final:Fayetteville State 71, Livingstone 63