Sounds like a “Tough Ride”!!!

Everyone is entitled to their own way of doing things, but this sort of sounds like it could be a “tough ride”….Maybe I don’t know anything about this protocol, and I might be a little bit behind the times, as far as how all of the legalities go today, but, this again seems like a “tough ride” and the need for adult supervision may be necessary, due to the fact this is a night game….

The East Surry Cardinals vs. Tarboro this Saturday for the NCHSAA 1-AA Championship….
1AA State Championship
#1 Tarboro High School (14-0) vs. #1 East Surry High School (14-0)
Game Time: 7:00 PM
Brooks Field at Wallace Wade Stadium-Duke University
(For sure pulling for East Surry, since they have Boaz, Gosnell, Stephens, and company, and it looks to be one of those wide-open offensive affairs. And East Surry is semi-local, so we have to go with the Cardinals.)

Would you be ready to hop on board?????
from Twitter:
**********East Surry Athletics**********
+++++Anyone interested in riding a “fan bus” to the State Football Championship on Saturday can sign up now. Cost of the charter is $45 (includes game ticket). Students riding the fan bus must be accompanied by an adult. Deadline to signup/pay is Thursday at 3pm.+++++

The kids are riding the “fan bus” to the game with their parents…Back in the day, it seemed like the kids just needed to get a “signed permission form” and they were good to go, to the game….No need for an adult chaperone…Now if you want to go the game, you have to have an adult, or a parent with you….That doesn’t sound like a fun trip for a high school kid, or an middle school/elementary kid…This does take a lot of pressure off of the teachers or the bus driver, who would be hauling the kids to the game…

But if the kid is going to the game with his parent or the adult, why not just take a car down to the game and you would probably save a few bucks…Lots of fun on that bus, if it is a busload of kids going to the game, but with the parents, and or the adults on the bus, it could make for a right solemn ride…
(The kid can go if they have an adult with them, so does that mean they can get their “crazy uncle”, who lives in a van down by the river, to go along on the “fan bus” ride?)

I was the teacher on one or two of those fans buses back over the years, and when you got back the next week, or the same night, those calls or letters from the parents, were often a bit riotous and not so righthous….So maybe this takes the pressure off of the teachers on duty on the bus, and the bus driver….Still think it would be a lot more fun on the way down, during the game, and on the way back if it was just the kids and friends riding on that “fan bus”….

Just thinking back to some of those bus trips back in the day….I remember one, when I was coaching and picked up this kid and threw him across about 5 rows of seats, and he said he had never had a ride like that on a bus before….

The old bus rides to and from the games, bring back some fond and interesting memories…Seems like we had a few wrestling matches as well, as we were coming around the mountain and headed back to Greensboro, back in the day….Back in those days, you fought and if you lost, well you never really did lose any of those scraps, I guess that is why I was enjoying the ride…As the old doctor said, “I’ll see you in there”….

**********Again, this is an open topic and if the parents are going to the game with their children, you would think they would hop in the car and make that trip as a family, and not want to make the trip on a “fan bus”…**********

$$$$$ All aboard….Would you ride the “fan bus” or make the trip in the “family car/truck/van”????? $$$$$