Athletic Trainer and assistant football coach from Page High School in the right place at the right time to save student’s life/SEG trainer to the Hall of Fame

Page high school football player Taevone Johnson is still with us this Christmas season, due to the quick action of Page High School athletic trainer Lindsey Braddock and Page assistant football coach Chuck Mardis, back during this past football season….

Without the quick response of Lindsey Braddock and Chuck Mardis, there is a good chance Taevone Johnson would not be with us today….

This was some great/outstanding work by Braddock and Mardis and you can catch all of the details from Deanna Thompson, in the News and Record, when you

Worth your time, and a worthwhile read during this holiday season, or any season or time of year…

We really need to commend people like Lindsey Braddock and Chuck Mardis for being there in the time of need…Also commending Mark White, the head trainer for many years at Southeast Guilford High School, for recently being named to high school athletic directors Hall of Fame……Good job, and thanks to Mark White, from SEG…..