Eastern Guilford Holiday Basketball Tournament Day One Results and Friday’s Upcoming Games

Women’s Finals from Thursday at the Eastern Guilford Holiday Basketball Tournament:
Western Guilford 56, Piedmont Classical 40
Southeast Guilford 73, Raleigh Enloe 4
Reidsville 58, Northeast Guilford 51
Southeast Guilford JV 49, Eastern Guilford 43

Consolation Game:Pidemont Classical vs. Raleigh Enloe 11:30am
Consolation Game:Northeast Guilford vs. Eastern Guilford 2:3pm
Semifinal Game:Western Guilford vs. Southeast Guilford 5:30pm
Semifinal Game:Reidsville vs. Southeast Guilford JV team 8:30pm

Men’s Finals from Thursday’s Round One games at the Eastern Guilford Holiday Basketball Tournament:
Northeast Guilford 88, Burlington Christian School 41
South Central 82, Southeast Guilford 53
Charlotte Harding University 76, Reidsville 66
Eastern Guilford 72, Western Guilford 28

Consolation Game:Burlington Christian School vs. Southeast Guilford 10am
Consolation Game:Western Guilford vs. Reidsville 1pm
Semifinal Game:Northeast Guilford vs. South Central 4pm
Semifinal Game:Charlotte Harding University vs. Eastern Guilford 7pm


  1. You’re talking very tight defense or a major lack of offense from Enloe….Probably a combination of the two, but also got to think Enloe left their offense in Raleigh, on Thursday….

    It will be interesting to track Enloe’s offensive output in Game Two of the tournament…

  2. The Harding and Eastern Game was a good one. Eastern got down big and Eastern cut the lead to 1 but couldn’t pull it out Harding Grant he 37 and Eastern Guilford Kadyn Dawkins finished with 41 points then in 3rd place game he scored 31.

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