High School Basketball Tonight Finals(1/10/2020):Splitter at Page with EG girls 45-44/Page boys 60-55 and Page boys with “Comeback at the Mac”(Many other scores ready for you)/Playback available at GreensboroSports Radio

High School Basketball Tonight Finals and we will race against that 11 o’clock hour and get as many scores in as we can before then…

From the Mac Morris Gym at Page High School Tonight:
In our efforts to get/give you as many details as possible on the games, we suggest you CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera’s take on last night’s Page-EG basketball game…..Joe Sirera with the News and Record’s HSXTra section….Some good photos too, from Khadejeh Nikouyeh(News & Record)….
Eastern Guilford girls 45, Page 44
Page boys 60, Eastern Guilford 55
Page boys down by 22 points, 39-17 at halftime, and Page goes out and out-scores EG 43-16 in the second half…It was like two different games, in the boys game tonight at Page High, and it was like one of those epic comebacks by the Page Pirates in the second half…We are already calling this one, the “Comeback at the Mac”…More details on the boys and girls games from Page to follow…
Page JV boys 62, Eastern Guilford 56
Playback from the Girls and Boys Varsity game is running now on replay at GreensboroSports Radio…Click On that link and listen to some of the game(s)…Good stuff with Andy Durham and Don Tilley, plus interviews with new Page head football coach Doug Robertson, Joe Sirera from the News and Record and Page boys head coach Evan Fancourt…Hear the play-by-play action and you can also hear Page tennis coach Robert Hogewood doing a great job on the PA work in the background…Check out GreensboroSports Radio...You will really want to hear some of the things we are saying about these outstanding young high school basketball players….We are a big part of their developmental process…If you are a player/student, you will be saying, I can’t believe they were saying that about me…These games are really ear-openers…

Girls game breakdown on Eastern Guilford-Page….End of 1st Q:Page 12, EG 10…Halftime:Page 28, EG 23…End of 3rd Q:Page 41, EG 35…Final:EG 45, Page 44…
Page scoring:Reagan Maynard 24 points…I said in the pregame talk on GreensboroSports Radio, that Page would win this game if Reagan Maynard scored 25 points, Well…Kirah Lineberry 6 points, Brooke Becker 6 points…Brooke off to a great start in this game, with all 6 points in the first half…Needed Brooke to get going in the second half…Leila Hamoud 4 points, Amiya Martin 2 pts., Sharmaine Agamata 2 pts.

Eastern Guilford scoring:Kayla Swain 17 points, Swain with a deadly three-point outside shot…Swain with four 3’s for EG and she had this shot over at Grimsley on Wednesday and she brought it over to Page on Friday…Swain can bring rain…De’Ja Buskey 10 points…

Buskey is a force for Eastern on the inside and when she gets her game polished up, she will probably be scoring 20 points a game…Aliyah Cowan 7 pts., Cowan is a tough low-to-the-floor little guard and she drew two charges that would make Bob Huggins proud…Cowan and Swain together in the backcourt, are like two low-lying heat seeking missiles ready to explode on you…

Hailey Haith 3 pts. and not sure if Hailey is a relative of Frank Haith, who is from that area of Guilford/Alamance County…Zkyah Majied with 2 pts…Majied is the future of basketball at Eastern Guilford…This is kid is like 6’3 and just a freshman…I did not give her any game tips Friday night, because we wanted a close game, but we had good words for her on our broadcast on
GreensboroSports Radio….

Notes on the Page-Eastern Guilford boys game….End of 1st Q:Eastern Guilford 28, Page 8…That’s right EG ran out to a 28-8 lead in this game, behind the shooting and scoring of KD Dawkins, Kamell Smith and Dylan Spencer….Halftime:EG 39, Page 17…In the first half Dawkins and Smith combined for 23 points…End of 3rd Q:EG 45, Page 38…Final:Page 60, EG 55…OJ Johnson also played well for Eastern on the inside….

For Page in that Fourth Quarter, Tyren Farrow and Zion Conner hit huge free throws for the Pirates…Jaden Ellis had a great game, but he fouled out with about 1:45 to play and Page had to forge on, on their own, without their proven leader in Ellis..Jason Sellars had a very large second half for Page in the post….

In the past month, Tyren Farrow has become a force for Page at the guard spot and Coach Evan Fancourt’s belief in Farrow paid off Friday night to the tune of three key free throws down the stretch..Page has also been getting some solid bonus minutes from Josh Scovens and Mack Pearsall…

Those bonus minutes from the bench play big a role in a team’s success and Page has elevated Josh Scovens into the starting at times, this season…

Page scoring: Jaden Ellis 25 points…Zion Conner 16 points…Jason Sellars 8 pts., Tyren Farrow 5 pts., Mack Pearsall 3 pts., Josh Scovins 3 pts.
Eastern Guilford scoring:…KD Dawkins 20 points, Kamell Smith 12 pts., OJ Johnson 7 pts, Dylan Spencer 6 pts., Jayron Rankin 3 pts., Michael Loring 3 pts., Barry Tate 2 pts., Jared Womack 2 pts.

**********One of the best comebacks you will ever see in a high school basketball game, and the Page fans will for sure be talking about this game for a long time to come…Page has just won an instant “Comeback of the Year” award for their work in their win over Eastern Guilford….Next up for Page is Northwest Guilford, at home next Friday night…************
Remember you listen back to this game on GreensboroSports Radio….

More scores on the way…

Southeast Guilford girls 70 , Burlington Williams 28
SEG girls(15-0/5-0)/Williams(8-3/2-1)
Burlington Williams boys 69, Southeast Guilford 53
SEG boys(4-10/3-2)…Williams(8-3/2-1)

Northwest Guilford boys 64, High Point Central 19
NWG boys(13-3/1-0)/Central(1-13/0-1)
Northwest Guilford girls 66, High Point Central 5

Smith boys 77, Southwest Guilford 68
Southwest Guilford girls 80, Smith 6

Mount Tabor boys 80, Dudley 67
Mount Tabor(14-0/2-0)/Dudley(11-3/0-2)

Northern Guilford boys 82, Rockingham County 49
Northern Guilford girls 46, Rockingham County 19

Grimsley boys 72, Ragsdale 41
Ragsdale 63, Grimsley 30
Ragsdale JV boys 77, Grimsley 64

Western Guilford girls 69, WS Parkland 52

High Point Andrews boys 63, Jordan Matthews 47
High Point Andrews girls 45, Jordan Mattthews 30

Southern Alamance girls 41, Southern Guilford 16

Western Alamance boys 52, Northeast Guilford 38

Greensboro Day School girls 62, Asheville Christian 20

Caldwell Academy boys 71, Wake Christian 67
Caldwell boys(4-14/0-5)…Wake(2-15/0-2)
Wake Christian girls 36, Caldwell Academy 27
Caldwell girls(5-10/2-2)/Wake girls(5-12/1-2)

Alamance Christian boys 79, Vandalia Christian 43
Alamance boys(14-2/3-2)/VCS(2-8/0-4)
Alamance Christian 45, Vandalia Christian 35
Alamance girls(8-8/3-2)/VCS(2-7/1-2)

Cornerstone Charter Academy boys 60, Woods Charter 59

High Point Christian Academy boys 79, Forsyth Country Day 75
High Point Christian Academy girls 40, Forsyth Country Day 34

Calvary Day boys 72, Westchester Country Day 65
Westchester Country Day School girls 46, Calvary Day School 37

Glenn boys 64, East Forsyth 48
Glenn(9-7/2-0)/East Forsyth(3-9/1-1)

Bishop McGuinness boys 67, East Surry 58
Bishop(11-4/1-0)/East Surry(5-2/0-1)


  1. Jaden Ellis, Zion Conner, Jason Sellars and Tyren Farrow…Those guys were very active for Page in the second half…Ellis was busting his tail to bring his team back and Conner, Sellars and Farrow were bringing their games up to an elite level….

    Had never heard of Farrow before this season, but now he is starting for Page and doing some big things…

    OJ Omarion Johnson vs. Sellars in the middle was a very good battle and when Johnson went out with foul trouble, that is when Sellars went to work and he took over….

    Jaden Ellis was putting in some really hard work in the offseason and that is why he is ready, but it is not all about his scoring this season, he is allowing his teammates to do their thing too, and doesn’t mind stepping back and letting others finish the plays…

    Ellis put the time in with his personal trainer in the offseason and that would be James Ellis II…He makes sure Jaden Ellis gets the most out of his game…Their workouts at Strive Fitness would tell you the story…

    Sort of one of those epic comebacks by Page last night, but if you were Eastern Guilford you could see it coming….Page was coming back on Eastern and it was like a snowball headed down the hill….

    Page like that snowball got rolling and once it started coming at Eastern, there was nothing Eastern could do about it, try as they may…

    EG’s KD Kaden Dawkins, Kamell Smith, OJ Omarion Johnson, Dylan Spencer, those guys are as good as anybody around…The Loring kid for Eastern, isn’t his dad the EG PA man, on most occasions??? Mr. Loring nailed a three down at EG one night to win the big halftime shootout…..The younger Loring connected on a three, to get the game going for Eastern last night….

    Excellent ball game last night/Friday night at Page and worth a look back at it, here on Saturday….

  2. One other kid from Eastern, I think that we should mention and that would be Jayron Rankin…

    A very wiry kid and he has been a big spark for the Eastern Guilford Wildcats so far this season….

  3. 27 points for Silas Mason in the Smith win over Southwest Guilford last night…
    More on those top scorers from the boys you had Jaden Ellis from Page with 25 points
    Nolan Hodge from Northern Guilford with 24 points
    Jake Ledbetter from Bishop McGuinness with 24 points
    Jefferson Boaz from East Surry with 24 points
    Dean Reiber from Northwest Guilford had 23 points
    Dawson McAlhany from Bishop McGuinness with 23 points
    J3 Swindell from Westchester Country Day had 21 points/17 rebounds
    Adonijah Whitley from Northern Guilford with 21 points
    KD Kaden Dawkins from Eastern Guilford with 20 points
    Keeping the boys in the 20’s and any more young men with 20 or more points on Friday night???
    Here are two that slipped in there with 19 points last night, Ahmil Flowers(19 pts.) from Grimsley and Jeremiah Scales from Glenn with 19 points…..

    From the girls you had:
    Reagan Maynard from Page with 24 points
    Raven Preston from Southeast Guilford with 23 points
    Kayla Swain from Eastern Guilford with 17 points
    Kennedi Simmons from Southeast Guilford with 16 points
    Slipping down the scale a little bit on the girls you had Millayna Redd from Southeast Guilford with 13 points….
    Also S. McCullough from Southwest Guilford with 13 points…

    If you have some more for us, send them in to the Comment Box…..

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