High School Basketball Tonight(1/21/2020) Finals:Page sweeps High Point Central Bison at the MAC/Mac Morris Gym and Grimsley coming over to Page on Friday night/”The Point” (15-1)/WS Parkland(14-1)/High Point Andrews girls making some noise/Huge win for NG girls over Western Alamance

BTW/By the Way CLICK HERE for the fight in the Kansas-Kansas State men’s basketball game….This is crazy and dangerous….Make sure you have volume up and mute off…You need that volume to make sure the full story is told.

Finals from tonight at Page High School, inside the Mac Morris Gym and other scores are on the way….
Page girls 39, High Point Central 19
Here are the numbers from the girls game courtesy of the Page Pirates head coach Ed Johnson….

Page        9 3 6 21- 39
HP Central- 5 5 3 6-  19

Page (3-14, 1-1)- Reagan Maynard 23, Kirah Lineberry 6, Leilla Hamoud 4, Sharmaine Agamata 2, Chloe Marielle 2, Alaila Martin 2
High Point Central-( 0-15, 0-2)- Anna Krasnik 10, Alaina Smith 4, Khatayah Coenrare 3, Janiyah Mitchell 2
End of 1st Q:Page 9, HP Central 5…Halftime:Page 12, HP Central 10…End of 3rd Q:Page 18, HP Central 13…Final:Page 39, HP Central 19

Reagan Maynard scored 14 points in the 4th quarter and finished with 23 points, 8 rebounds and 7 steals to lead the Lady Pirates to the win. Kirah Lineberry chipped in with 6 points and 5 steals and freshman Brianna Allison grabbed 7 rebounds.
Central was lead by Anna Krasniks 10 points.

I was watching the second half of the girls game along with Isiah Fisher-Smith(Page DB Class of 2010 and Duke commit) and he looked up and he said, “I know my eyes aren’t deceiving me, but Central must be playing with just four players”, and they were…Central was down to just four players and as coach Norman Dale said in Hoosiers, “I will go with four”…And that’t what HP Central had to do…Their best player, #44 Anna Krasnik had fouled out, and Central only brought five dressed players that could go, and when Krasnik fouled out early in the fourth quarter, Central had to go with just four players…

Solid night for the “The Karate Kid” from Page, Reagan Maynard from Page, but she was off of her game early and she did finish very strong….Playing part of the game with a band aid on her finger and that seemed to be bugging her…The entire Page girls team was missing a lot of layups and with the layoff of being out of school, on both Monday and Tuesday of this week, that might have played a part in the Page Pirates not being focused tonight for HP Central and the young female Pirates might have been thinking/looking ahead a little bit to the Grimsley game coming up on Friday night at Page….Good work turned in by Chole Marielle and Kirah Lineberry tonight…Marielle is giving Page an extra guard that can understand how to break up the opposing defenses and Lineberry continues to get better with her rebounding and ball control……
Page will host Grimsley on Friday at The Mac

Page boys 63, High Point Central 36
Page boys(11-7/1-1)/HPC(1-16/0-3)
End of 1st Q:Page 16, HP Central 3…Halftime:Page 34, HP Central 10…End of 3rd Q:Page 48, HP Central 22…Final:Page 63, HP Central 36
Page scoring: Josh Scovens 11 points, Jaden Ellis 8 points, Justin Davis 8 points, Zion Conner 7 points, Marshall Klug 7 points, Whit Edwards 6 points, Grady Sherrill 5 points, Jason Sellars 3 points, Tyren Farrow 3 points, Mike Maxwell 3 points, Jonathan Campbell 2 points….
High Point Central scoring:Keith McDuffie Jr. 8 points, Sameer Qureshi 8 points, Jalen Martin 7 points, Tre Hill 4 points,Javion Green 2 points, Isaiah Ramazani 2 points, Grayson Lackey 2 points, Zyon White-Dorsett 2 points, Emmanuel Horton 1 point…

Was impressed with Josh Scovens from Page tonight…He started the game, but he got some serious minutes where he was the primary scorer around the basket and that action proved to be productive for Josh Scovens this evening for the Page Pirates…Scovens was finishing shots around the basket, and he was also able to step out and nail a three-point shot, which shows the versatility that the sophomore wing/forward possesses….

Also thought Marshall Klug had one of his better games…Klug, the 6’7 junior loves to battle and he is getting stronger as the basketball season weeks fly by us…Klug is a student of the game and don’t let his blonde locks fool you, this young man is on a mission when he gets playing time in the 2019-2020 season and his next stop will be the Grimsley Whirlies on Friday night and Klug being the student of the game that he is, he was down at Southeast Guilford on Monday afternoon, scouting out the Grimsley Whirlies, in their game vs. Person County…Klug with 7 points off of the Pirate bench tonight, but he earned every one of those 7 points, and when I looked up on more than one occasion, Marshall Klug was on the Mac Morris Gymnasium floor scrambling for a loose ball, and he was getting his share of the 50-50 loose balls/split the pot…

Another bright spot for the Page Pirates this evening was Justin Davis…Davis is earning more and more key minutes for Page in every Pirate contest…Davis with 8 points and he and his teammate Mike Maxwell are looking more and more like each other, every day..Guys like Davis and Grady Sherrill were key minutes at guard tonight, and for Davis he hit two sweet three’s that help boost his points total…Davis and Sherrill were also seeing a bit more time tonight vs. High Point Central, due to an ankle injury suffered by the Pirates’ junior guard Jaden Ellis, and that ankle injury came in the third quarter of our ball game…Ellis knew something was right, right away, and had come down wrong on his ankle and had to get out of the game in a hurry…Jaden Ellis hit the Page Med training corner, down past the end of the Page bench, and the Page Med staff went to work on Ellis and had him ready to go/re-enter the game, and Page head coach Evan Fancourt motioned for Jaden Ellis to get back on the court, but then Coach Fancourt changed his mind and Ellis to the bench, you can’t be too careful and with the game out-of-reach in Page’s favor, Coach Fancourt decided that there was no reason to risk sending Jaden Ellis back into the game tonight….It was best served up to let Ellis rest and sit this one out in the 3rd and 4th quarters and instead try and bring him back out ready to start full-strength on Friday night, vs. Grimsley…..

Jaden Ellis seemed to be OK after the game and we spoke with him and he said he should ready to go/be fine for Friday…But with those ankles you just never know…

If Ellis can’t go Page may want to turn to the fastest feet in the county…And with this kid’s size, you know he is a guard…He can take three steps for your every one, and he is a bit of a down-sized guard, but he makes up for his lack of size right now with his fast feet…

He is already a crowd favorite, every time he hits the court, the fans start chanting his name…Jackson Fancourt is what I have been hearing and from what I have been seeing, this kid does has the fastest feet in town…..

He is quick and he does not get tired easily, at halftime he can run the entire 10-15 minute break…And even though he is only 2-3 years old, Jackson Fancourt can already hold and carry the basketball and like we said earlier, the kid has the quickest feet in town…He reminds me of back when Page Coach Robert Kent had his young son with him at all of the games, and that kid, Jackson Kent, was young and skinny, but he started growing and he ended up at 6’7 and he played for Page and High Point Christian Academy in high school, James Madison University in college and he later played professional basketball in Europe…

Jackson Kent turned out to be an outstanding basketball players and that kid could light it up from three-point range, and we may be seeing a similar player developing right before our very eyes, in Jackson Fancourt…Like we have said numerous times already, the kid already has, “The Quickest Feet in the County”…And he probably won’t be starting for Page vs. Grimsley on Friday night, but he will be somewhere near the Pirates’ bench, and will be off and running at halftime….Fancourt for Ellis on Friday night, you never know, it might be a sign of things to come….

Grimsley should be prepared for both of the Page guards, Jaden Ellis and Jackson Fancourt, you can’t be sure which one will be headed down the basketball court….Jaden and Jackson, not a bad backcourt tandem, if the opportunity arises…

Other games for Tuesday night:
College Prep Leadership Academy fall for the first time this season:Thé Point split their contest with Phoenix Academy. The Point girls win 28-24. The boys suffer their first loss of the season 45-40. The Point jumped out to a 23-11 halftime lead but managed only 4 points in the 3rd quarter while Phoenix Academy closed the score to 27-23 to start the 4th. Scoring for the point -Wise 19, Dockery 9, Harris 5, Knotts 5, Shepherd 2. For the winners Phoenix Academy – #13 with 13, #2 (Adewusi) 12, #11 with 10, #15 with 6, #14 with 3 and #5 with 1.

The Point will take their 15-1 record to Miller’s Creek on Thursday.

Western Alamance boys 53, Northern Guilford 46
NG boys(7-8/5-2)….WA(13-2/5-2)
Northern Guilford girls 70, at Western Alamance 62….
NG(12-4/6-1)) girls vs. WA(12-3/5-2)

                        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
NGHS	                16	19	16	19	70
Western Alamance	15	11	22	14	62

Asheboro boys 77, Southern Guilford 48
SG boys(9-7/2-4)/Ashe(10-7/3-3)

                Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
SGHS	        10	13	17	8	48
Asheboro	16	23	18	20	77

Asheboro girls 52, Southern Guilford 21
SG girls(4-11/0-6)/Ashe(12-5/4-2)

                Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
SGHS	         2	 5	 7	7	21
Asheboro	19	12	16	5	52

High Point Andrews boys 72, Wheatmore 65
HPA boys(9-7/4-2)/Wheatmore(10-6/3-2)
High Point Andrews girls 49, Wheatmore 39
HPA girls(13-2/5-1)/Wheatmore(10-6/3-2)
gave Freshman Guard
a nice birthday gift with a conference win over Wheatmore tonight! Junior Guard Ashley Bowman led the way with 15 pts and
Nesbitt with 13 pts respectively. The Lady Raiders are now 13-2 overall; 5-1 conference.

Northeast Guilford boys 64, Person County 56
NEG boys(6-10/3-4)/Person(5-11/3-4)

        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
Person	21	13	6	16	56
NEGHS	15	12	21	16	64

Northeast Guilford girls 60, Person 52
NEG girls(8-8/3-4)/Person(10-5/4-3)

Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
Person	12	11	14	15	52
NGHS	15	13	12	20	60

Calvary Day School boys 88, Caldwell Academy 55

Bishop McGuinness boys 70, South Stokes 47
Bishop boys(12-5/2-1)/Stokes(8-8/0-3)

WS Parkland boys 75, East Forsyth 52
WS Parkland boys(14-1)….WS Parkland coached by by former WS Reynolds and East Carolina talent/product, Travis Holcomb-Faye….

Morehead boys 88, Rockingham County 43

North Davidson girls 53, East Davidson 19

Vandalia Christian boys 58, Fellowship Baptist 46

        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
FBA	10	10	19	7	46
VCHS	17	14	12	15	58

Chatham Charter 84, Cornerstone Charter 36
Cornerstone boys(7-6/3-4)/Chatham(18-1/7-0)

                Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
CCA	         8	10	11	 7	36
Chatham Charter	28	21	19	16	84

Chatham Charter girls 54, Cornerstone Charter 14
Cornerstone girls(2-9/0-7)/Chatham(13-2/7-0)

High Point Christian Academy boys 72, Westchester Country Day 65
HPCA boys(12-10/5-1)/WCD(9-8/3-3)

High Point Christian Academy girls 50, Westchester Country Day 18
HPCA girls(12-5/4-0)/WCD(1-13/0-5)

Triad Math and Science Academy at Community Baptist School of Reidsville boys only…TMSA(8-9/2-2)/CBS(3-9/0-4)
No score reported on this game….

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