Middle School Basketball Today(1/27/2020) in Guilford County:Monday in the Middle

Here is what we see on tap today, from ArbiterLive.com:

Eastern Guilford Middle at Kiser boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Ferndale at Penn-Griffin boys at 4:45/girls at 6
Hairston at Allen Jay Prep boys at 4:45/girls at 6
Northwest Guilford at Kernodle boys at 4::45/girls at 6
Southeast Guilford at Mendenhall boys at 4:45/girls at 6
Southern Guilford at Welborn boys at 4:45/girls at 6
Swann at Allen Middle boys at 4:45/girls at 6
Western Guilford at Jackson boyos at 4:45/girls at 6
Northern Guilford at Southwest Guilford boys at 5/girls at 6:15
Forsyth Home Educators at Thé Point today/Monday Girls 4:30/Boys 5:30
Forsyth Academy at The Point tomorrow/Tuesday Girls 4:30//Boys 5:30

Jamestown, Northeast Guilford, The Academy @ Lincoln OFF