High School Basketball Tonight(2/7/2020) in and around Guilford County:Ragsdale girls at Northwest Guilford/Mount Tabor at Smith boys among headliners/Greensboro Day School Homecoming

**********GCS will be closed to students today, Friday, Feb. 7. It will be an optional teacher workday. Central offices will operate on a regular schedule. ACES, athletics and other events are cancelled.**********
Here is our slate of games for this evening…

Ragsdale at Northwest Guilford girls at 6/boys 7:30pm….NWG girls (20-2/6-0)/Ragsdale enters at (17-3/4-1)….NWG girls won at the HAECO Finals, 52-30 and NWG girls won in the regular season at Ragsdale, 60-46…NWG boys(19-3/6-0)/Ragsdale(7-14/1-4)…NWG won at Jamestown earlier, 81-72, but Northwest did not take the lead in the game until the second half…Look for Reagan Kargo, Thalia Carter and Megan Harkey to lead the NWG and for Ragsdale, they will lean on Nyah Stallings, Diamond Monroe and Mariah Frazier…Christian Hampton had a huge second half of 26 points scored, when NWG defeated Ragsdale in Jamestown, back on January 22…These games can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio…Tonight, high school basketball from Northwest Guilford High School, on GreensboroSports Radio….Pregame action begins at 5:50pm on GreensboroSports Radio

Mount Tabor at Smith girls at 6/boys 7:30pm…Smith boys(16-5/5-2, while Mount Tabor boys are (20-1/6-1)…Mount Tabor over Smith at MT, back on January 17, 74-55, and Smith with Nick McMullen, Silas Mason and Khalid Hinds leading the way, Smith can get it done, but they will need huge games from Hinds and Mason, and at least 28-32 minutes from both of those Golden Eagles…MT girls(11-10/5-2)/Smith(0-20/0-7)…Wyatt Smith at these games for GreensboroSports.com and with full report after the game…

High Point Christian School at Greensboro Day School and HOMECOMING for the Greensboro Day School Bengals…Girls at 5:30/boys 7pm…GDS boys(29-4/9-0)/HPCA(14-13/7-2)…GDS girls(25-2/7-0)/HPCA(15-7/6-1)

Southwest Guilford at Western Guilford girls at 6/boys at 7:30pm…WG boys(4-17/0-7)/SWG(10-11/3-4)…SWG girls(15-6/6-1)/WG(9-9/2-5)

Dudley at WS Parkland girls at 6/boys at 7:30pm…Dudley boys(14-6/2-5)/Parkland(16-3/5-2)…Dudley girls(14-7/6-1)/Parkland(8-10/2-5)

Page at High Point Central girls at 6/boys at 7:30pm…Page boys 12-9/2-3)/HP Central(1-19/0-5)…Page girls(5-16/2-3)/HP Central(0-19/0-5)

Southeast Guilford at Burlington Williams girls at 6:30/boys 8pm…SEG girls(21-1/10-0)/BW(13-8/5-5)…SEG boys(7-15/5-5)/BW(12-9/5-5)

Rockingham County at Northern Guilford girls at 6/boys 7:30pm…NG boys(11-8/9-2)/ROCK(2-18/0-11)/NG girls(15-5/9-2)/ROCK(8-12/1-10)

Southern Alamance at Southern Guilford girls at 6/boys 7:30pm…SG boys(10-10/3-7)/SA(4-18/0-10)…SG girls(4-15/0-10)/SA(8-13/3-7)

Northeast Guilford at Western Alamance girls at 6/boys 7:30pm…NEG boys(7-13/4-7)/WA(17-4/8-3)…NEG(9-11/4-7)/WA(17-4/9-2)

Providence Grove at High Point Andrews girls at 6/boys 7:30pm…HPA boys(11-8/6-3)/PG(5-16/1-9)…HPA girls(15-3/7-2)/PG(11-10/4-6)

Wesleyan Christian Academy at York Prep, in South Carolina girls at 6/boys 7:30pm…WES boys(17-10)/York(17-5)…WES girls(5-15)/York(8-11)

Westover Christian at Vandalia Christian School girls at 6/boys 7:30pm…VCS boys(4-16/0-10)/WC(13-5/7-0)…VCS girls(6-10/3-6)WC(4-9/2-2)

Cornerstone Charter Academy at Research Triangle girls at 6/boys 7:30pm…CCA(11-8/5-6)/RT(12-6/8-3)…CCA girls(3-14/1-10)/RT(5-11/4-7)

Westchester Country Day boys at Forsyth Country Day 7pm…WCD boys(10-11/3-6)/FCD(10-8/4-5)

WS Reagan at East Forsyth girls at 6/boys 7:30pm…East boys(5-15/3-4)/WSR(6-14/1-6)…East girls(12-9/4-3)/WSR(10-9/3-4)

Bishop McGuinness at South Stokes girls at 6:30/boys 8pm…Bishop girls(18-2/6-1)/Stokes(8-13/0-7)…Bishop boys(12-9/2-5)/Stokes(9-12/1-6)

Grimsley OFF
Eastern Guilford OFF
Piedmont Classical School OFF
Caldwell Academy OFF