3rd Annual 8th Grade All-Star Jamboree:Player Selection Announcement

God’s Divine Grace Ministries/C.O.R.E., would like to introduce the 2020 8th Grade All-Stars for the 3rd Annual 8th Grade All-Star Jamboree, which will be held at James B. Dudley High School on Saturday, February 29th, 2020. We would like to thank all the athletic directors, coaches, referees, and trainers on staff and in the community at large who have been instrumental in helping us recognize and celebrate the student-athletes in our area. We would also like to thank our sponsors who are as follows, United Primary Care LLC, Sterling Building Group Inc, Just-Kris Distributing Inc, Pita Delite, J&J Wood Services Inc, Smoothie King, Woodforest National Bank, Showtime Athletics, First Carolina Delicatessen, Whip Appeal LLC, Unique Transportation, George R. Kilpatrick Jr. MD. P.A. , and Awards of Excellence for assisting us in bringing this event to fruition.

Without further adieu, the 8th Grade All-Star Girls are as follows:
Sutton Sherrill
Charlotte O’Shaughnessy
Sage Schwartzel
Bella Speight
Marissa Avery
Skylar Adams
Jada Sanders
Mazlyn Mosbacher
Kierston Varner
Angel Walker
Kendyle Burnette
Ariana Morales
Taylor Riffey
Bel Varadi

Nijayah Townes
Jordan Britt
Avery Knapp
Nadia VonReichbauer
Shamarra Rogers
Madison Pounds
Icyss Holloway
Jasmine Harris
Taylor Branch
Sophie Wheat
Arya Ashley
Kamryn Snyder
Elliot Porter
Hattie Sloyan

And, the 8th Grade All-Star Boys

Matthew Mane
Sofiyan Oumarou
Enoch Ferry
Jackson Godfrey
Stephon Harrison
Cameron Flippen
Jordan Williams
Cuyler Baxter
Jaylen Cross
Jack McCarthy
Griffin Hobbs
Ishmael Maande
Drew Bartlett
DJ Pritchett
Ja’el Lawson

(Black & Silver)
Devin Hackstall
Jordan Dancy
Alex Taylor
Jamarie Davis
Synaris Twitty
Jacari Love
Jaelen McKee
Frederico Whitaker II
Quamir Ingram
Makel Smith
David Gray
Jamais Ferere
Timothy Richardson
Caleb Shroope
Andrew Huminski
JJ Fullwood

The official meet & greet will be held on Friday, February 28th from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm at James B. Dudley High School, for student-athletes and their families. NO AAU COACHES ALLOWED. Participation waivers will be signed and there will be a light workout with the all-star coaches & student-athletes. On game day, Saturday, February 29th, girls will arrive for 12:30-1:30 pm practice, boys from 1:45-2:45 pm. Girls will arrive at 4:30 pm @ James B. Dudley High School for uniform assignment, pictures, and walkthrough with coaches. Boys will arrive at 5:45 pm. The girl’s game will begin at 5:30 pm, with their colors being hot pink, black & white. The boy’s game will begin at 6:45 pm, with their colors being purple, silver, & black, all accessories MUST MATCH!!! (Preferably black socks and t-shirts, this also includes leggings, knee pads, etc.).

Courtesy of Staff, (God’s Divine Grace Ministries/C.O.R.E.)


  1. An 8th grader playing varisty averaging 20+ ppg and leads them to a conference championship. Varsity record was 18-2.. but that is not good enough to make it. I hope everyone got a fair shot to make the team.

  2. Please let’s not question the selection process as we know it’s a very hard a difficult situation when dealing with kids. As in sports on every level of all star someone is gonna feel snub and some do get snub.The question should be how competitive is the league when a 8th grader leads a Varsity team. If it’s that tough then he or she should be given the opportunity to represent at least one of these teams. Awesome job and great work for the 8th grader and hope to hear more in the future from this prospect. Would like to know from what school maybe we all can agree with you.

  3. The Girls Rosters have been Amended/Adjusted
    Roster With/ Additions:
    Hattie Sloyan(Mendenhall Middle School)
    Bel Varadi(Northwest Guilford Middle School)

  4. How does the #1 all conference player leading scorer that avg 30 pts a game 8th grader that played on the VARSITY High School team is being recruited by many different HS teams both public and private schools not make the cut. SMH. Yes I’m complaining about the selection process because it’s obviously very very flawed. I feel like for those girls that were snubbed need to be rewarded. Whoever makes this decision is not doing it based on athletic ability and accomplishments. This just angers me and motivates me to start a TRUE All-STAR GAME. Your organization will have to compete with my organization every year after that until you no longer exists. If you aren’t going to be fair and really select girls that definitely should participate you shouldn’t be doing it at all.

  5. Really,

    Did you watch the middle school leagues this year? if you did was it boys or girls? What was the selection process?

  6. The Penn Griffin disrespect is real coaches in the cross county conference should be ashamed of themselves Corey Pate Jr is easily the best defender in the conference and also one of the best players in this class!

  7. I’ve covered both in Middle School. Although I’m not on the panel for selecting these athletes I can agree that there are a lot of players I’ve seen that have been left off for some reason that should have a explanation for.

  8. One thing that we don’t want to lose in the process, is honoring those that young men and women did get selected…

    Congrats to all of those that were selected to play in the Middle School All-Star Game and there may be one more All-Star Game coming around later on and we will anticipate seeing the students chosen for that game…

    There is also the game that Reggie Hines and his crew are putting on tomorrow, down at Burlington Williams High School and should be a good day for that event….

    Best of luck to all of the kids still playing Middle School basketball this season and we should have the conference tournaments coming up this week, in our three Guilford County conferences….

  9. How is Jaylon bumpass from Kiser not in the all star game and he is averaging 20ppg and 6apg and dropped 30 against swann

  10. Andy,

    We appreciate you always being the voice of reason for the kids. The process needs to change. We need a new game with a dedicated staff to getting this as close to right as possible. No selection process is perfect. If you have a staff in place instead of just asking coaches it will work better. Is the game for guilford county kids or anybody? If it is for everyone then randolph, davidson, rockingham, and alamance schools should be notified. Its time for an overhaul of Joe’s system too. Eastern guilford went undeafeated in conference play and lost to the no.1 team in 3A Westover by 4 pts. They stayed at the 7 spot all year. Whoever is voting is getting it wrong. Stop putting your rep on the line with coaches playing the buddy buddy game. This is no different than end of season conference meeting where it is very cut throat.

  11. Maybe the Third Time will be the charm…We still have one more Middle School All-Star Game due up sometime in March and maybe they will have a chance to sit back and read what is being said here and listen to fans and see if they can work on getting it closer to the mark…

    We have some real good kids on these teams and if some of the kids got left out, hopefully their coaches will step up and work to get them in the future game….

    If the third game comes along, and we still have upset Middle School fans, then we will have to have to have all of the organizers head back to the drawing board…

    One final thought, I would much rather win the Middle School Conference Tournament Championship, than win the All-Star Game…Those conference championship games are for the real marbles….Others agree, or disagree???

  12. Can we make sure Jaylon Bumpass is in the Alan hooker all star game he is playing his heart out there and leading Kiser and is looking forward to the conference playoffs.(he is definitely one to look out for)

  13. If this kid is in 8th grade playing on Varsity in high school averaging 30 points, she is clearly miles ahead of these 8th graders why would you want her playing in this game

  14. While she may be miles ahead she has been looking forward to playing in this game since she was in the 6th grade. She worked hard to achieve what she has and she should be rewarded for it. As a parent I want to see her reap her reward that’s all. I have done some checking around and now I hear that a majority of the girls comes from two AAU teams. SMH

  15. They are no competition for her, its pointless for her to play. But we’ll agree to disagree. I know she’ll have a bright future putting up those numbers as an 8th grader playing high school

  16. Please add Cornerstone Charter Academy Cameron Milton to the March All-Star Game. This kid have been putting up some big numbers this year on both side of the court. 18ppt, 5blks per game. He’s also an AB honor roll student.

  17. if im not mistaken kids are nominated by head coaches and athletic directors, a coach must nominate an opposing player(s) to have their player eligible to be selected, if a player doesnt get the prerequisite number of nominations that may lead to someone else getting the nod, selections are determined by total number of nominations received, as a participating coach this is the understanding i was given.

  18. if a player doesnt get the prerequisite number of nominations that may lead to someone else getting the nod, selections are determined by total number of nominations received, as a participating coach this is the understanding i was given.

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