NCHSAA Individual Wrestling Championships – 4A Championship First Round Results:Northwest Guilford, Ragsdale, Page and Grimsley with local Winners at the Greensboro Coliseum

NCHSAA Individual Wrestling Championships – 4A Championship First Round Results
Friday, February 21, 2020

GREENSBORO, NC – The NCHSAA held the championship first round of the 2020 Individual Wrestling Tournament this afternoon at the Greensboro Colesium. All of these wrestlers will continue in the tournament in either the consolation first round or the next round of the the championship bracket, which is the quarterfinals for 4A.

Updated brackets are attached to this email. You can follow along with live results through by searching for NCHSAA in the tournaments section.

4A 106
Championship First Round
Mark Samuel (Laney, 48-0) won by fall over Joseph Burns (West Forsyth, 30-19) (Fall 1:45)
Max Brewster (South View, 40-5) won by fall over Landon Bean (Olympic, 35-9) (Fall 5:16)
Hunter Jones (Hickory Ridge, 52-4) won by tech fall over Michael Baysden (New Bern, 21-15) (TF-1.5 3:48 (15-0))
Greg Merriman (Mooresville, 49-6) won by fall over Peyton Moade (Green Hope, 18-5) (Fall 1:32)
Luke Kunath (Cardinal Gibbons, 56-2) won by tech fall over Jonah McBurney (South Caldwell, 30-13) (TF-1.5 4:46 (22-7))
Cael Bergquist (Heritage, 43-5) won by decision over William Gibson (Northwest Guilford, 45-9) (Dec 4-2)
Brandt Fajerman (Hough, 48-5) won by fall over Cameron Schmidt (Holly Springs, 33-10) (Fall 0:55)
Isaiah Wilson (Glenn, 34-6) won by fall over Aydan Gwisdalla (Leesville Road, 43-12) (Fall 1:43)
4A 113
Championship First Round
Richard Treanor (Hough, 46-2) won by fall over Shamar Cogdell (South Central, 37-19) (Fall 1:02)
Matt Rowland (Pinecrest, 38-3) won by tech fall over Samineo Myers (Fuquay – Varina, 39-12) (TF-1.5 4:45 (16-1))
Maximus Buico (Leesville Road, 55-4) won by fall over Brody Neal (Lake Norman, 29-11) (Fall 3:25)
Jacob Woodburn (Page, 32-1) won by fall over Justin Kelly (Lumberton, 45-15) (Fall 1:44)
Ethan Duft (Hickory Ridge, 33-2) won by fall over Hunter Gundry (Cardinal Gibbons, 32-10) (Fall 1:13)
Noah Luna (Providence, 39-7) won by major decision over Sam Barnett (New Bern, 48-9) (MD 11-3)
Jackson Ealy (Green Hope, 39-5) won by major decision over Isaac Sheehan (Glenn, 41-8) (MD 12-2)
Davis Freeze (Mooresville, 52-10) won in sudden victory first period over Jayden Harrison (Laney, 23-10) (SV-1 2-0)
4A 120
Championship First Round
Kaiden Fisher (Lake Norman, 50-10) won by fall over Joseph Nicholson (Richmond, 33-9) (Fall 1:42)
Fuad Busisou (Athens Drive, 38-7) won by decision over Darius McKenzie (Middle Creek, 41-16) (Dec 15-10)
James Joplin (Northwest Guilford, 50-0) won by tech fall over Tyler Caldwell (Hough, 31-19) (TF-1.5 2:20 (15-0))
Evan Kite (Laney, 39-11) won by fall over Isaac Ramirez (Riverside-Durham, 32-17) (Fall 2:51)
Will Saby (Millbrook, 47-9) won by decision over Jonathan Floyd (Lumberton, 52-12) (Dec 3-1)
William Cline (Providence, 37-9) won by decision over Adam Szewczyk (Davie, 42-11) (Dec 6-2)
Maxwell Kiel (Jordan, 31-4) won by fall over Eh Ku (New Bern, 30-23) (Fall 3:34)
Ramiro Pascual (Glenn, 34-7) won by decision over Samson Sokolski (Mooresville, 36-9) (Dec 8-2)
4A 126
Championship First Round
Richie Rizzuto (Leesville Road, 53-6) won by decision over Lane Hill (Davie, 42-15) (Dec 6-0)
John Paul Tomasulo (Pine Forest, 29-16) won by fall over Amin Bakhtiari (Providence, 33-15) (Fall 2:55)
Riley Edwards (Northwest Guilford, 51-0) won by fall over Eh Neysoe Jaw (New Bern, 31-22) (Fall 2:36)
JT Richards (Lake Norman, 33-11) won by fall over Cameron Fizer (Apex Friendship, 24-13) (Fall 3:44)
Kobe Early (Cary, 49-0) won by fall over David Foard (Myers Park, 9-10) (Fall 1:08)
Jaylon Pemberton (Hickory Ridge, 46-17) won by decision over John Helmers (Heritage, 28-13) (Dec 9-2)
Kyle Sanders (South Mecklenburg, 36-5) won by fall over Gavin Draper (Holly Springs, 23-14) (Fall 1:09)
Evan Labella (West Forsyth, 33-8) won by fall over Brandon Hepper (Corinth-Holders, 20-7) (Fall 1:31)
4A 132
Championship First Round
Jun Figueredo (Hough, 42-8) won by tech fall over William Cannaday (South Central, 36-18) (TF-1.5 4:15 (26-11))
Lake Price (Northwest Guilford, 43-6) won by decision over Isaiah Olive (Middle Creek, 50-8) (Dec 3-2)
Connor Johnson (Laney, 34-4) won by decision over Wesley Chappell (Mallard Creek, 39-14) (Dec 5-2)
William Nguyen (Pinecrest, 30-5) won by fall over Jacob Benavente (Green Hope, 40-4) (Fall 1:49)
Ahmad Smith (Ragsdale, 39-7) won by decision over Michael Lalor (Holly Springs, 30-8) (Dec 10-4)
Tobias Finn (McDowell, 48-5) won by major decision over Cole Patterson (Leesville Road, 47-12) (MD 12-2)
Jaxon Maroney (Cardinal Gibbons, 30-2) won by fall over Tyler Snyder (Davie, 34-13) (Fall 1:01)
Jake Emmert (Mooresville, 23-6) won by decision over Logan Haseley (Corinth-Holders, 40-7) (Dec 7-1)
4A 138
Championship First Round
Timmy Kennett (Lake Norman, 44-8) won by decision over Landon Hairston (West Forsyth, 18-14) (Dec 11-5)
Paul Grena (Cary, 42-11) won by fall over Jackson Bird (New Bern, 42-11) (Fall 5:18)
Nick Smith (Ragsdale, 45-2) won by fall over Mesiah Jones (East Mecklenburg, 41-14) (Fall 2:40)
Marcus Mondragon (Laney, 48-4) won by decision over Joshua Cox (Riverside-Durham, 30-3) (Dec 5-3)
Benjamin Lance (Wake Forest, 41-3) won by tech fall over Francisco Castiller (Cardinal Gibbons, 44-14) (TF-1.5 4:45 (19-4))
Patrick Schellpfeffer (Myers Park, 31-10) won by decision over Collin Bailey (Davie, 43-7) (Dec 6-2)
Joseph Lock (Jack Britt, 41-4) won by fall over Jake Stewart (Ashley, 22-6) (Fall 2:56)
Quantavius McNeil (Mallard Creek, 46-9) won by fall over Darren Kendrick (Glenn, 17-3) (Fall 2:43)
4A 145
Championship First Round
Jayden Dobeck (Pinecrest, 37-7) won by decision over Seth Thomas (Laney, 38-8) (Dec 8-7)
Colby Schefers (Olympic, 32-11) won by decision over Joseph Carlucci (Cardinal Gibbons, 41-16) (Dec 9-4)
Toure Moore (Grimsley, 36-1) won by decision over Terry Edwards (Wakefield, 25-9) (Dec 8-1)
Kenson Sinclair (Lumberton, 31-9) won by decision over Justin Sanders (Hough, 40-12) (Dec 10-4)
Kai Paxton (Middle Creek, 46-3) won by tech fall over Weston Weddington (Mooresville, 38-15) (TF-1.5 6:00 (19-4))
Ethan King (Northwest Guilford, 37-5) won by major decision over Alex Chester (Heritage, 40-9) (MD 9-1)
Anthony Farrand (Ardrey Kell, 39-5) won by decision over Luke Rider (Holly Springs, 28-8) (Dec 8-6)
Collin Shulman (Hickory Ridge, 51-5) won by major decision over Tucker Jessup (Leesville Road, 47-6) (MD 12-1)
4A 152
Championship First Round
Isaac Shaw (Mooresville, 17-0) won by tech fall over Brayden Wagner (Laney, 13-12) (TF-1.5 2:38 (17-2))
Reginald Snowden (Riverside-Durham, 39-7) won by decision over Isaac Webb (Davie, 35-12) (Dec 8-6)
Andrew Meyer (Wakefield, 32-5) won by major decision over Jacob Creaton (McDowell, 26-13) (MD 15-2)
Alex Bentley (Hickory Ridge, 47-7) won by decision over Denzel Carrucini (Jack Britt, 32-7) (Dec 6-4)
Michael Quinones (East Forsyth, 36-3) won by decision over Carter Bliss (Cardinal Gibbons, 33-15) (Dec 7-4)
Ryan Sklar (Myers Park, 14-4) won by fall over Seth Johnson (Heritage, 26-13) (Fall 2:46)
Kaleb Williams (Apex, 27-3) won by fall over Louden Peters (Grimsley, 28-11) (Fall 4:24)
Tyshod Brown (East Mecklenburg, 44-6) won in sudden victory first period over Grant Gupton (New Bern, 42-10) (SV-1 5-3)
4A 160
Championship First Round
Will Lowery (Myers Park, 31-8) won by fall over Austin Gallop (Richmond, 30-12) (Fall 5:59)
Connor Voelker (Wake Forest, 33-8) won by decision over Isaiah McCain-Mercado (Jack Britt, 34-14) (Dec 8-5)
Hunter Hillis (Pinecrest, 43-6) won by fall over Alex Cowart (Mallard Creek, 39-16) (Fall 1:19)
Noah Williams (Apex, 24-7) won by fall over Alex Grommesh (Ashley, 22-6) (Fall 3:42)
Andrew Doss (Leesville Road, 30-0) won by major decision over Savoy New (Cardinal Gibbons, 35-9) (MD 15-7)
Luke Goodin (Mooresville, 53-4) won by fall over Rece Rader (Reagan, 43-9) (Fall 0:40)
Chris Jones (Middle Creek, 51-1) won by fall over Trystan Richardson (Laney, 29-14) (Fall 5:44)
Noah Rupp (Providence, 32-7) won by tech fall over Jack Jarvis (Davie, 40-8) (TF-1.5 4:53 (17-1))
4A 170
Championship First Round
Devon Bell (Laney, 21-5) won by tech fall over Dane Mathews (Pinecrest, 31-15) (TF-1.5 5:15 (16-0))
John Moshman (Overhills, 39-11) won by decision over Anthony Fabian (Hough, 37-14) (Dec 13-6)
Donald Cates (Ragsdale, 21-1) won by fall over Owen Hartzell (Enloe, 20-9) (Fall 1:05)
Carson Floyd (Lake Norman, 30-11) won by decision over Darionte McLaurin (Lumberton, 47-13) (Dec 7-4)
Terrence Martin (Riverside-Durham, 37-5) won by major decision over Major Byrd (Myers Park, 11-10) (MD 11-1)
JonLuke Horne (Ashley, 34-1) won by decision over Chris Salazar (Independence, 31-9) (Dec 6-1)
Alex Kata (Mallard Creek, 44-10) won by fall over Paul Rider (Holly Springs, 41-12) (Fall 4:37)
Jacob Zaitawi (West Forsyth, 34-11) won by decision over Caleb Beaty (Wake Forest, 33-8) (Dec 4-1)
4A 182
Championship First Round
Dilyn Roudesbush (Mooresville, 23-3) won by fall over Ethan Files (Ashley, 28-13) (Fall 1:01)
Hunter Berryhill (Overhills, 44-5) won by fall over Gavin Millard (Pinecrest, 29-11) (Fall 2:47)
Holden Cypher (Millbrook, 57-0) won by fall over Brandon Tang (Olympic, 31-12) (Fall 0:49)
Charles Davis (Cardinal Gibbons, 49-9) won by decision over Collin Macall (Hickory Ridge, 35-18) (Dec 5-2)
Haylen Sherman (Glenn, 41-8) won by fall over Seung `Andy` Choe (Green Hope, 31-12) (Fall 1:31)
Jacob Polansky (Leesville Road, 51-3) won by major decision over Ricardo McDonald (West Mecklenburg, 21-7) (MD 15-1)
Ryan Wolfram (Cary, 14-0) won by fall over Aidan Meagher (West Forsyth, 25-16) (Fall 3:29)
Jaidon Bennett (New Bern, 38-11) won by fall over Michael Pepe (Hough, 19-6) (Fall 3:16)
4A 195
Championship First Round
Christopher Dickey (East Mecklenburg, 39-3) won by decision over Travon Anderson (Page, 16-14) (Dec 3-2)
Ronnel Wilson (Wake Forest, 39-7) won by tech fall over Sebastian Whitesock (Green Hope, 33-8) (TF-1.5 6:00 (15-0))
Parker Jones (Hickory Ridge, 37-9) won by major decision over Paulique Noble (Olympic, 27-11) (MD 17-8)
Cooper Carlson (Corinth-Holders, 27-12) won by fall over William Martinez (Seventy-First, 20-8) (Fall 5:35)
Ben Williard (Millbrook, 37-6) won by fall over Darryl McAllister (Jack Britt, 22-20) (Fall 0:31)
Caleb Tate (Lake Norman, 30-6) won by major decision over Nathan Carnes (Porter Ridge, 32-14) (MD 9-0)
Marcus Grist (New Bern, 33-8) won by fall over Vincent Nolfo (Holly Springs, 21-6) (Fall 5:17)
Julian Rawlins (Hough, 30-13) won by decision over Cooper Bumgarner (Pinecrest, 24-11) (Dec 8-6)
4A 220
Championship First Round
Jeffrey Palmer (Corinth-Holders, 33-6) won by tech fall over Michael Locklear (Scotland, 12-5) (TF-1.5 5:36 (16-1))
Rylan Vann (Cary, 45-1) won by fall over Ray Watson (Mooresville, 32-16) (Fall 3:19)
Jonathan Saravia (Rolesville, 29-7) won by fall over Austin Green (Glenn, 36-10) (Fall 3:07)
Dominic Harris (Hough, 44-5) won by fall over Sam Mizell (Apex, 19-13) (Fall 5:07)
Josh George (South View, 34-2) won by fall over Thomas Osorio (Lake Norman, 15-12) (Fall 1:51)
Noah Carnes (Porter Ridge, 40-9) won by decision over Nickili Muhammad (Knightdale, 18-8) (Dec 8-4)
Aaron Redfearn (Myers Park, 32-10) won by decision over Shawn Healey (Jack Britt, 22-8) (Dec 9-5)
Corey Pollock (Laney, 44-9) won by decision over Kevin Perez Olmedo (West Forsyth, 27-17) (Dec 4-2)
4A 285
Championship First Round
Austyn Barton (Mooresville, 31-4) won by decision over Jayln McClammy (Ashley, 29-8) (Dec 3-2)
Marcus Harnarain (Northwest Guilford, 49-9) won by fall over Ashton Harp (Cardinal Gibbons, 21-3) (Fall 5:01)
Emmanuel Bell (Laney, 41-6) won by decision over Jacob Thomasson (Hough, 36-14) (Dec 13-10)
Joshua Oates (Overhills, 41-12) won by decision over Chase Godwin (Pinecrest, 26-6) (Dec 6-3)
Shayne Mallory (Page, 29-5) won by fall over Rodney Harris (Hillside, 23-8) (Fall 3:24)
Javari Wright (Corinth-Holders, 33-8) won by decision over Josh Voelkel (South Caldwell, 30-4) (Dec 7-6)
Joshua Savage (Hoke County, 21-3) won by decision over Nicholas Glasgow (Ragsdale, 23-14) (Dec 7-2)
George Ayino (South Central, 54-5) won by fall over Alex Baker (Lake Norman, 35-15) (Fall 2:18)