Triad Basketball Academy All-Star Games coming up on March 20-21 at Walkertown High School and looking at the East Roster

Headed to the 2020 Triad Basketball Academy All-Star Games on March 20-21 at Walkertown High School, and from the East side featuring the East Boys, since the girls have not yet been posted, here is who we are seeing so for the East Boys and coming in from the Triad Basketball Academy, on twitter…

Ahmil Flowers-Grimsley High School
Bryce Causey-Southwest Guilford High School
Cam Hayes-Greensboro Day School
Christian Hampton-Northwest Guilford High School
Dean Reiber-Northwest Guilford High School
Jalen Joiner-Piedmont Classical School
Jeremiah Dickerson-Dudley High School
Josh Wiggins-Wesleyan Christian Academy
Kaleb Brooks-Wesleyan Christian Academy
Landon Sutton-High Point Christian Academy
Miles Taylor-Southwest Guilford High School
Trent McIntyre-Piedmont Classical School
+++++And those are our Greensboro/Guilford County young men, on the East Boys Roster….+++++

Games to be played on March 20-21 at Walkertown High School

Boys full rosters available at Triad Basketball Academy on Twitter and Girls Rosters due out sometime later on this week……


  1. People sleeping on robbie boulton at nw higb iq skilled player
    But end kf the day congrats to these players

  2. It will be nice to see Cam Hayes, Kaleb Brooks and Jeremiah Dickerson play together again since they last played together at Southeast Middle and won in dominant fashion.

  3. Boulton has a very strong basketball mind…You can watch his eyes while he is playing the game and he will see things that might slip past others….Nobody knows the moves of Dean Reiber and Christian Hampton better than Robbie Boulton…He can see where they are going to be on the court, long before they get there….

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