Middle School Basketball Today(2/28/2020) in Guilford County with teams going for the Conference Tournament Championships

Guilford County Schools Middle School Basketball/Championship Friday for the Guilford County Middle Schools
(Only one Unbeaten team left in Guilford County(Swann Middle boys at (11-0)….Can they finish off the season, with a win today???)

Central 7 Tournament at Western Guilford Middle School:
**********#3 Swann girls(8-3) vs. #1 Kiser girls(11-1) for the Central 7 Conference Tournament Title, TODAY at 5pm, at Western Guilford Middle School gym…..
**********1 Swann Middle(11-0) vs. #2 Northeast Guilford Middle(12-2) in the Boys Central 7 Championship TODAY at Western Guilford Middle School/6:30pm…**********

Big 7 Conference Tournament at Northwest Guilford High School:
**********#2 Northwest Guilford girls(12-1) vs. #5 Southeast Guilford girls(6-7) TODAY at 5pm, at Northwest Guilford Middle School…
**********#3 Southwest Guilford(8-5) vs. #4 Northern Guilford(8-5) in the Boys Championship Game TODAY at 6:30pm at Northwest Guilford High School…

Cross County 7 Conference Tournament at Allen Jay Prep:
**********#2 Southern Guilford(11-2) vs. #4 The Academy @ Lincoln(9-5) TODAY at 5pm, at Allen Jay Prep for the CC7 Girls Championship…**********
**********#1 Allen Jay Prep(12-1) vs. #2 Southern Guilford(11-2) TODAY at 6:30pm, at Allen Jay Prep for the Boys CC7 Championship**********