High School Baseball Tonight Finals:Grimsley with Big-Time win over Southeast Guilford, Whirlies prevail over Falcons, 2-1/Glenn Bobcats rock Northwest Guilford

Final:Western Guilford 7, Northeast Guilford 6….10 Innings
Western Guilford and Northeast Guilford are tied up at 6-6, going to the 9th Inning….
Western Guilford was down 3-1 in the fifth innning….Robbie Boyd got the start for WG, then Cooper Speight came in and he was followed on the mound by Trevor Glisson in the 6th Inning….WG closed the gap to 3-2 NEG in the 7th Inning…WG fell behind 4-2 in the top of the 7th Inning…WG was able to tie the score at 4-4 in the bottom of the 7th Inning…WG fell behind 6-4 in the top of the 8th Inning…Then WG was able to tie the game up again, in the bottom of the 8th Inning…Bottom of the 10 Inning, Western Guilford gets Caleb Carden and Trevor Glisson on base with intentional walks and then Robbie Boyd hits the ball over the head of the left fielder from Northeast Guilford, and Western plates the winning run and wins the game 7-6 in 10 Innings….Nathan Fury scores the game-winning run for Western Guilford……
WG batting:Senior Robbie Boyd – Walk off single/Boyd 2-5/3 RBI…/Glisson 3-5/2 RBI/Run…Josh Turner 1-4/RBI/Run…Nathan Fury 3-5/3 Runs/RBI…Ryan Dee 1-5 for WG….
NEG batting:Jaylen Brown, Enoch, Tate Holcomb and Cooper White all 1-5 for NEG and Cody Donnell with 2 runs scored…Mickell Hall 1-3 for NEG…

WP:Trevor Glisson 10k’s for WG….Glisson worked 5 Innings and he gave up 3 runs on 3 hits, with 1 BB/10 K’s…
LP:Evan Council with 1 run on two hits with 1 BB/2 K’s…Council pitched 1.67 Innings…

                                2	3	4	5	6	7	8	9	10	 	R	H	E
Northeast Guilford Varsity
                                3	0	0	0	0	1	2	0	0	 	6	5	0
Western Guilford Varsity 2020
                                1	0	0	0	1	2	2	0	1	 	7	10	6

Baseball Finals tonight:
Northern Guilford 3, East Forsyth 2…8 Innings
***********In Walk-off, East Forsyth Eagles Loses To Northern Guilford**********
Davis, Edison and Clements with 2 hits each for East Forsyth…..Xavier Isaac with 2 BB’s for East…Bricolo and Lee with 1 RBI for East and CJ Thousand with an RBI for Northern Guilford….Davis and Lee with 3 Quality at Bats for East and James Newsome with 3 QAB for NG….Halford goes 4 Innings on the mound for Northern Guilford with 13 First Pitch Strikes and 3 K’s…James Newsome with 7 First Pitch Strikes and 4 K’s for NG….James Newson with 1.33 WHIP for Northern Guilford and Newsome with the Win for Northern..

        1	2	3	4	5	6	7	8	R	H	E
ESTF	0	1	0	0	0	0	1	0	2	8	2
NRTH	0	0	0	1	0	1	0	1	3	4	3

JV Baseball:Northern Guilford 13, East Forsyth 13 and the game ends in a tie…(You have to stop sometime, so you can get to the Varsity game…….

Grimsley 2, Southeast Guilford 1
Thanks to SEG Falcon 1 for sending us the updated score on Grimsley and Southeast Guilford baseball…The Grimsley automated score report sent out the 1-0 Grimsley final and sorry for any inconvenience….
We will be looking for some totals on this game and the pitching must have been close to spot-on for both teams…We told you earlier today that Grimsley was going to be tough, and that Southeast Guilford would not be far behind, and we gave you a pretty good forecast there…This Grimsley win becomes even bigger, when you look at the fact that Grimsley won at Southeast Guilford and on the Kevin Callahan Field…SEG is a tough place to travel to and to pick up a win…Grimsley with that early-season road win, over a proven top-notch baseball program….

The Glenn Bobcats rocked Northwest Guilford, 6-0….We were calling on a strong NWG team, and it is still early, but Glenn must be ready to win early and often this season….Wyatt Smith was telling us that Northwest Guilford was going to be really strong this season, but Glenn was way too tough today….

      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E
GLN   0 0 0 0 6 0 0 6 6 0
NRTH  0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 2

WP:D. Howard/LP:Gavin Mortenson
Howard 6 Innings/O runs/3 hits/10 K’s/0 BB’s….
Mortenson goes 4 2/3’s for NWG, giving up 4 runs on three hits with 5 BB’s/4 K’s for NWG…
Carter, Resek and Mortenson all 1-3 for NWG…
Cardwell 2-3/run/Double and Blake 2-4/run/RBI/HR for East Forsyth….Glenn got their big explosion in the 5th inning, scoring all six of their runs, in that fifth frame….The HR by Blake and the Double by Cardwell helped get Glenn home…

Finals:The Cannon School 4, Greensboro Day School 0
GDS(0-2)…GDS Bengals also lost to North Raleigh Christian Academy, 5-1….
JV Final:Southeast Guilford 7, Grimsley 5
Softball:Grimsley 10, WS Reynolds 0
Softball:Ragsdale 19, Mt. Tabor 5
Softball:Northwest Guilford 12, Northern Guilford 2…5 Innings


  1. Thanks to SEG Falcon 1 for updating the SEG-Grimsley score…The Grimsley automated score report sent us the 1-0 Grimsley final…

  2. So on top of not knowing the game was changed to Wednesday we actually beat SEG. I gotta go to Andy’s place more often. That is a huge win for the Whirlies. I don’t think we have won there since about 2014.

  3. Ok, Triad Cup for girls soccer this week at Bryan Park and BB&T featuring some of the best teams in the state. Page 2-0 with two lopsided wins will play the championship game Friday night against Northwest Guilford who just topped powerhouse West Forsyth in PK’s . Not even a chirp from you guys! You can do better than that!

  4. Andy, the Triad Cup is going on this week for local HS teams to start the season for ladies soccer. Would be great to see some coverage.

    Thanks for all you do for sports in our area.

  5. Good to get that Ragsdale softball score in here, anybody know how Northwest Guilford softball did???

    If everybody will post their score here, people will see them, and believe me, people do read the materials that get posted here…

  6. Soccer Tournament now posted at the top of this home page…Be sure to check it out…Got it posted this morning….

    Northwest topped Northern in softball, 12-2….

  7. Two baseball games we saw on the schedule for today were Greensboro Day School vs. Vandalia Christian School and that would have had to an afternoon game since no lights at GDS or at VCS and we also had Northwest Guilford going over to WS Reynolds, in baseball today…

    I saw and heard the Northwest Guilford lacrosse team in action at Guilford College today, and NWG was down 2-0 to Raleigh Leesville Road, in the first half….

    NWG had Robbie Boulton on the basketball court for the NWG Vikings on Tuesday night at Charlotte Olympic and Robbie Boulton was starting at Right Attacker today, for the NWG boys lacrosse team…..

  8. More baseball news from Thursday afternoon:
    High Point Christian 3, Grace Christian 1

    Glenn Baseball takes second straight road win with 4-1 victory over the Northern Guilford Nighthawks!!! Bobcats move to 2-0 on the season!

    Glenn sweeps through Guilford County over the past two days, knocking off Northwest Guilford on Wednesday, 6-0, and today/Thursday, Glenn gets the best of Northern Guilford, 4-1…

  9. Other Thursday night scores:
    East Fosyth 11, Eastern Randolph 1 Baseball
    Northern Guilford 17, Bartlett-Yancey 5 Softball
    Northern Guilford 15, Grimsley 1 Boys Lacrosse

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