Greensboro’s Aaron Wiggins(Wesleyan Christian Academy/Grimsley HS) named Big Ten Conference “Sixth Man of the Year”(Interview with Aaron Wiggins)

Yesterday, I drove right by the outdoor basketball court where Aaron Wiggins used to play as a kid….Made the drive right past the Forest Valley Court on Sunday and Aaron told me several years back, that is the court with the first goal he ever dunked on…I dunked there once when the rim was bent down….Sometimes you can still see Aaron’s younger brothers, Josh and Zach, out there on that Forest Valley Court, but now Aaron Wiggins is in the Big Ten Conference, and today, he was named the Big Ten Conference “Sixth Man of the Year”….

Aaron Wiggins, a local kid who played high school basketball at Grimsley High School and at Wesleyan Christian Academy and now the Big Ten Conference Sixth Man of the Year….I’m sure Aaron’s dad Tim and his younger brothers Josh and Zach are all having a good time today, enjoying the news that Aaron Wiggins has done pretty darn good for himself, as a University of Maryland Terrapin….

And yes, I drove right past that Forest Valley outdoor basketball court on Sunday and headed over to Jefferson School, and their outdoor court and got some games in versus a young high school kid, from South Carolina….Said he didn’t go to school around here….Good games and “you know how you can tell who the outdoor players are in the Month of March”????? Just look at their fingertips…If their fingertips are split open and cut up, they shoot on the outdoor courts….Cold and Dry air will always cause your fingers to dry up and split open…With me right now, it the index finger on my left hand…Last week it was the same finger, on the right hand….

So goes the life on the outdoor basketball courts….And hard to believe, but somebody painted a three-point line on the court down at Lake Daniels, and that might just be a first for the city outdoor courts, although I have seen a few of those chalk lines over the years and yesterday, we were using a small hole in the concrete court, as the free throw line….

We spoke with Aaron Wiggins a while back and got his thoughts about his basketball game…
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Here it is from the official websites on Aaron Wiggins…..
Big Ten Conference
Aaron Wiggins, Maryland

Aaron Wiggins(Wesleyan Christian Academy/Grimsley High School) was announced Maryland’s first-ever Big Ten Sixth Man of the Year…..
Jalen Smith and Anthony Cowan from Marland were named First Team All Big Ten….Maryland’s Darryl Morsell earned Honorable Mention All-Big Ten from the media. Jalen Smith was also named to the All-Defensive Team.

Maryland returns to action Friday evening around 9 pm in the quarterfinals of the Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis. The Terps will play the winner of Penn State and Indiana/Nebraska.
(I sure wish these guys were still in the ACC, and hanging out in Greensboro this week.)