NCHSAA COVID-19 Update | Basketball Championships & all interscholastic athletics suspended indefinitely:Mark down this date(Friday March 13, 2020)

NCHSAA COVID-19 Update | Basketball Championships & all interscholastic athletics suspended indefinitely

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Due to the threat from COVID-19, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) has made the decision to postpone the 2020 Men’s and Women’s Basketball State Championships indefinitely.

“As much as we would like this opportunity for our student-athletes, coaches, and their communities, we know that ultimately any decision we make must err on the side of caution,” said Commissioner Que Tucker.

**********The Board of Directors also moved to suspend interscholastic athletics beginning at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 13, 2020 through at least Monday, April 6th, 2020. The NCHSAA Board of Directors will assess this situation regularly over the next few weeks. This includes all workouts, skill development, practices and contests.**********


  1. From our previous NCHSAA Today post and the best thing to do under these circumstances, is probably talk this out….You think?

    JP Mundy said,

    Andy, looks like the championships will now be delayed until at least April.

    Andy Durham said,

    Yes and what is everybody going to be doing on Saturday and over the weekend???

    Will you be watching Buck McNeely’s Outdoor Sportsman Show on WFMY TV 2???

    At least we can still catch Ring of Honor Wrestling on Saturday night….

    If they ban us from the outdoor basketball courts, then this will be true hoops pandemic…

    Hope it is early April, if we get the NCHSAA Tourney going again…

    Maybe the NCHSAA will have time to stock up on the Choco Tacos……

    We are all trying to make sense of all that is going on here this week, and good luck to those who think they have this thing figured out!!!

  2. And another thing. You better get in there FULL force and enjoy those Friday games, that will be it for nearly a month or more, then it is cold turkey and the remaining Choco Tacos that you can find laying around….

    11:59 pm on Friday, would be the end of the day on Friday, and I hope we are reading that correctly…That’s the way I saw it anyway….

  3. So the students will be in class with each other all day after riding school busses but can’t go outside in the fresh air to participate in athletics where most of the people watching are parents?

  4. Here is one of the better questions that I have seen today….

    Reidsville Football
    So…if rest of the spring season is cancelled, will the #NCAA grant student athletes another year of eligibility??????

    And what about the high school seniors??? How do they get back their senior year of high school Spring sports???

    And what about those of us who cover and write/broadcast about sports? If there are no sports to cover, we may be induced onto that Scarsdale Diet??? No money, no food and the pounds might come flying off….

  5. So let me get this straight: It’s OK for high school teams to compete — with parents and friends in attendance — today and tomorrow, but then something magical happens at 11:59 p.m. Friday that makes it unsafe to compete after that point? Either shut it down today or let the championship games be played Saturday, even if it’s without fans. Typical NCHSAA.

  6. And as far as what Confused is saying, Confucius might tell you to get that home computer charged up and make sure you have a good WiFi hotspot device in the house, because it might be time to hit the old Home School…

    Home Schooled kids in Guilford County…I told somebody this morning we should be playing these NCHSAA basketball games outside and then they could see you really “take somebody to school”….

    This going to get interesting and you might have to gather around the breakfast and dinner table and do your schoolwork by the light of a lap tap….

    If Rodney Dangerfield was here, he would be saying, “I gotta go back to Home School”….

    At least for two or three weeks, and as it was in Rodney’s case, that would equal 2 to 3 semesters….

  7. Can we take a vote here?

    Best point of the day, maybe best point of the week or best point of the year…

    From so NCHSAA said, and to make the point short, sweet and clear….What difference does one day make?

    If you are going to let them play on Friday, why not go ahead and play on Saturday and get it done???

    Again, What difference does one day make?

    What happens at 11:59 on Friday night???

    Better have everybody in bed at that time….

    Great point by so NCHSAA said…

    We need to hear from more of you.

  8. Interesting note from J Stewart and this was on another/different post today:

    J Stewart

    Where are the level headed leaders in all of this. This virus is no where as bad as the flu and we are acting like the world is ending. Come on people, don’t you remember Mers and Sars was going to wipe out the population and my goodness they disappeared just like this virus will. Look at the back of a bottle of Lysol, this viruses listed and has been around for a long time and we are still surviving. Let’s play these games. STOP THE FREAKING INSANITY!!

  9. What about the opening of the Greensboro Performing Arts Center/GAPC???

    Will this be delayed? There was supposed to be a Grand Opening around March 20, and then shows beginning around March 22…

    Where does all of this leave the Steven Tanger Center for Performing Arts/GPAC???

    You would think that if the sports and ball games are all put on hold, the same would hold true for the Broadway Shows and musicals too…..

    Anybody got the downtown scoop???

  10. We keep finding more news and info and here is a Joe Sirera tweet, coming in tonight from Twitter:

    Joe Sirera
    What I’m not sure I understand about the NCHSAA’s decision is why contests were not suspended immediately. If student-athletes shouldn’t be competing Saturday, why are they being allowed to compete today and tomorrow with parents and fans in attendance?

    Sounds like some of the things that have been said here…Good points…

  11. Just picked this up tonight from Langston Wertz Jr. and the Charlotte Observer on Twitter….First time I have seen it made official, Kennedy Tinsley(Southeast Guilford HS) to Mallard Creek.

    Myers Park and Mallard Creek will play against each other to kick off the 2020 high school football season in August, a source close to the negotiations told the Observer.

    This will be the first meeting between the teams since Mallard Creek beat Myers Park 42-14 in the first round of the 2014 playoffs. Overall, the teams have split four previous meetings.

    The game next fall will be the debut for new Mallard Creek coach Kennedy Tinsley, a former North Carolina football player.

    Tinsley, who most recently coached at Southeast Guilford, will replace Mike Palmieri, who left for a job in Georgia.

  12. from Julie Luck WFMY News 2 on Twitter:

    Julie Luck | WFMY
    Breaking: the grand opening of the new
    @TangerCenter in downtown Greensboro is postponed because of coronavirus concerns. The new date has not been set but the original date was Friday, March 20th.
    All grand opening performances will be rescheduled, too.

  13. Why would the NCHSAA call off all spring sports when they are played outside in front of very few people and the Guilford County Schools not call school off. Kids in school are in contact with each other in a confined area. What’s wrong with these people. What the schools should do starting Monday, is give schools a 2 week spring break and then reevaluate. Am I wrong?

  14. Part of the NCHSAA’s reasoning is that they want to follow suit with their sister schools in the UNC system, and that is part of what they were saying today during the NCHSAA teleconference…

    Since the schools in the UNC system shut down their sports programs, the NCSAA in some ways, just followed suit to be a part of uniformity on the high school and collegiate levels in our state…

    The NCHSAA pretty much said it would be blasphemy to carry on the high school sports and basketball tournaments in any way, shape form or fashion, on any day at all; today, tomorrow or yesterday, if the colleges were not playing or practicing….

    That is the way I was hearing what they, the NCHSAA, was saying today and that is one reason why I tuned in, to see what they had going on with their reasoning behind these decisions…

    I would have thought the postponement of the the high school school athletic Spring seasons would have come from a state-level North Carolina Board of Education, or from the state school system, but the athletic decisions come from the NCHSAA and their board of directors, which include school superintendents, school athletic directors, principals and others…

    I was thinking that the NCHSAA was just in charge of running the post-season high school tournaments and running the championships, but they have a tight handle/fist over the entire bundle of athletics operations on the high school level, in this state….

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