How many High School Seniors will seek an Extra Year of high school to make sure that they can get their Full Spring Sports Season???(Which Way Will They Go?)

The question in flying around this week….

Will Guilford County high school seniors seek a 5th year of high school to make sure that that they get in their Full year of Spring Sports???

Do you think we will see a large number of area high school students re-classing so that they can still have a chance to play their full year of Spring Sports…

Baseball and softball players, lacrosse athletes, those in track and field, tennis, soccer and more…..

Will the stimulus be enough for them to seek an extra year of high school sports participation at the Private School level?

If they miss their senior year of Spring Sports, then they could re-class and attend a private school in 2020-2021, and still get in their full senior year of high school athletics….

Would the time and cost be worth it for a high school senior???

Or do you just say, what the heck, let me finish my last semester on-line and that will be fine…

Wonder how many athletes will give this any consideration?

For some, they may just say, let’s get all of this senior season nightmare over with, and I am done with this high school mess…

Others may feel they need that full senior Spring Season of sports to get them to the next level, where they want to seek a college scholarship, and feel like without that last full year of high school athletics, their chances on the college level will be minimized…

It will cost them another whole year of high school, and it will cost their parents the price of the students attending the private schools….

Is all of this worth the final price that the students will have to pay, if they decide to come back, and go the private high school route in a Senior Season, on the re-class level…

Are the seniors ready for a Senior Trip, just as soon as the final computer laptop is closed in 2020, or do you think we will see seniors coming back for another shot of high school athletics, in 2020-2021….

I wonder if you could skip the Fall semester in 2020-2021, and just show up and attend the Private School and play Spring Sports for the Spring Semester, of 2020-2021…Stay home and go to GTCC for the Fall and then go back to high school and play your Spring sport next year in 2021…

What all is possible here, and which way will the seniors of 2020 go???

The door is OPEN, will you walk on through, grab your diploma, and say you are done with high school, or do you walk out the door and walk right back in, for one more year on the high school level???

The more you think about it, the more complicated this answer becomes……

2 thoughts on “How many High School Seniors will seek an Extra Year of high school to make sure that they can get their Full Spring Sports Season???(Which Way Will They Go?)

  1. Current baseball players may want to make note of this note:

    Good morning everyone!! This is Alan Ashkinazy owner of The Greensboro Batting Center.

    I understand the fear and uncertainty that is going on in our country right now and I’ve been contemplating what to do going forward.

    I do want to stay open for the people trying to keep normalcy in their life but I also want to respect the people who just aren’t positive about the situation.

    Here’s what I’ve come up with…. until further notice, The Greensboro Batting Center will cut its hours. Our hours starting Thursday, 3/19, will be
    1pm-8pm Monday thru Friday
    10am-5pm Saturday
    1pm-5pm Sunday

    Lessons will still go on at its regular times but if you want to cancel lessons for the time being, you can hold them off until you feel comfortable coming back.

    Me and my staff are taking extra precautions in cleaning and sanitizing to keep it safe for the customers who choose to come in.

    As always I want to Thank all my loyal customers over the last 33 years and I hope to see everyone real soon! Be safe!!

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