Cheapest Gas Prices in Town:If you are going Stir-Crazy and you need to do some driving around, Gas is going for just $1.68 per gallon on the East Side of Town

I will try and hold out until Monday and get back down on the East Side of town, so I can cash in on that gas going for just $1.68 a gallon….

Saw it on East Market Street today, and here’s hoping that same $1.68 per gallon gas will still be available on Monday…

Less than a mile away, over on East Wendover Avenue, the gas was priced at $1.85 per gallon and further down the road/street, back toward Battleground Avenue and still on East Wendover, the gas was running at $1.91 per gallon, almost 30 cents per gallon higher than that $1.68 per gallon gas, on East Market Street….

Get it while you can and GO EAST, young men and young women

Gas for $1.68 per gallon, can you beat that price???

**********On a similar note, I was running somewhere around six miles this morning, and I do think I could go four more miles, in search of some cheap gas, and make that a 10 mile spread….Sure hope I can get that extended gas mileage from my car, so I can hold out and Cash In, on Monday.**********