David Glenn Show is Gone:The Triad and Triangle have struck GOLD/Adam Gold!!!

The David Glenn Show is gone, and no longer just missing from local Sports Talk Radio, but the entire David Glenn Show statewide sports platform has been torn down, and David Glenn has been replaced on the North Carolina Sports Network….

David Glenn is gone, and now the Triad and the Triangle will be getting The Adam Gold Show, Noon till 3pm, beginning on Monday March 23…

The Triad, or Treead, as one announcer was calling us on local radio this week, the Triad/Treead has struck GOLD/Adam Gold….

Dave Glenn gone and Adam Gold coming on….On Monday, at 12 Noon, locally in the Triad/Treead on AM 1320, 1230, 920, and 600…The Golden voice of Adam Gold, talking sports, will also be heard on 93.7 FM, here in the Triad/Treead….

Who is Adam Gold???

Adam is a Maryland graduate and has been talking sports for more than a decade in the Triangle.

For the past decade, Adam Gold had been doing the Adam and Joe Show, on 99.9 The Fan, in the Triangle/Raleigh region of our state, of North Carolina….

Gold has been a presence in the Triangle for more than 20 years and will continue his duties as the 99.9’s(The Fan’s) Carolina Hurricanes reporter, according to a news release from the station. Gold also hosts the podcast “Canes Corner.”

Gold did his solo show on 850 The Buzz for over 10 years, before he joined Capitol Broadcasting and made the move to get the Adam and Joe Show going on 99.9 The Fan…Adam and Joe were a morning show on 99.9 for several years, before the show was moved to afternoon drive…

Gold had a very strong following back in his day on 850 The Buzz and along with Gold, the Buzz had Morgan Patrick and his show, The Sports Pig, they had The Sports Bar, with Mike Solarte, from Noon till 3pm and they had David Glenn on Saturday mornings…The Buzz/850 also utilized the services of Rick Dayton….As time went on, David Glenn moved from Saturdays to the Monday-Friday, Noon-3pm slot….

850 The Buzz came in strong here in the Triad/Treead back in those days and Adam Gold, as a solo sports talk show host, was a main staple of that 850 The Buzz lineup…

Adam Gold was the radio today, as a special guest of Patrick Johnson on the North Carolina Sports Network in his Noon till 3pm time frame and Adam Gold was on again, in the 3 o’clock hour with Josh Graham on his show called “The Drive”, which airs on the Triad Sports Network

To me, it was Adam Gold overload today, Patrick Johnson had him live and then he taped it and ran Gold back for a second time, then Adam Gold was on again, this time with Josh Graham, and the timing was too close together…Adam Gold overload, and way too much of the same old thing being said….

Josh Graham used to have David Glenn on, on Josh’s “The Drive” show, and we had just heard David Glenn, earlier in that same day…David Glenn overload there, if you ask me…

While driving around in your car, and if you listen to the car radio, you will end up hearing these shows…Repeat guests can lead to the channel change, and that is just the way it is….

Adam Gold was really good doing his stuff solo back in the old days of 850 The Buzz, and the jury will out for a good while before they return with the verdict, letting us know if Adam Gold is running a sports talk ‘Gold Mine’, in 2020…

Why so much print/talk on these Sports Talk Radio moves???

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but our posts on the ending of The David Glenn Show have been driving a ton of traffic to our site, and people seem to be interested in what we are saying about all of these Sports Talk moves…

Stay tuned, we will be listening and we will let you know what is going on…….
(Always have, always will.)