Hard to Pay Attention/Attintion to Gold Today/Monday:Choppy early, but showed signs of Improvement as the program rolled on

Was hard to pay A-Tin-tion to Gold early on today….Tin as in Gold, as the Adam Gold Show was all chopped up early on..It was as if the network couldn’t get it right and was unable get the Adam Gold Show connected…
(You had Tin instead of Gold today/Monday afternoon.)

Commercial after commercial, until they finally got the show on course…The show was not too bad, once they got the program rolling…Again very choppy and not all together, in the beginning….
(The Adam Gold sports talk show begins at Noon, and runs until 3pm, on 600, 920, 1230, and 1320 AM, plus on 93.7 FM)

Adam Gold will have no problem carrying the three hours…

Just hope with all of this extra listening time, that we don’t have an overload of the same material coming at us in the later stages of the afternoon sports talk shows….

Adam Gold has a pretty decent producer in Alec Campbell, and he adds quite a bit to the Adam Gold programming…

The future shows shows should be easier to listen to, but today was very raw in the early stages, and that is when you make that BIG first impression…

Lots of Carolina Panthers talk, Coach K from Duke, and a few other topics on the board today….We got the Adam Gold Show Rewind a little bit too early in the program…Some 2020 Olympic talk today also…And the Kyle Allen trade from the Panthers to Washington Redskins got the show jumping, when it came down this afternoon….

Tune in again tomorrow and we will see how the guest list is growing with the Adam Gold Show, on the North Carolina Sports Network….

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  1. A David Glenn note we found while surfing early Tuesday morning…..

    David Glenn shared the National Sports Media Association N.C. sportscaster of the year award in 2013 with ECU’s Jeff Charles and shares the 2019 honor with the Carolina Hurricanes’ John Forslund (which would have been awarded in June but with the awards weekend was canceled for this year; he’ll receive the award in 2021).

    Glenn has options but said that he couldn’t yet comment on his exit from the radio show or what’s ahead. The future for Glenn, who has written for The Athletic since November 2018, isn’t expected to include a role as a radio host but he has plenty of options.

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