Ten Questions for the Former Football Coach at Northeast Guilford HS and the New Head Football Coach at Southeast Guilford High School:Coach Earl Bates

Ten Questions for new SEG head football coach Earl Bates

1)How hard is it to walk away from the Northeast Guilford Rams, out there on Hicone Road?
EB:It was an extremely hard decision to make because of those players. I developed a lot of good relationships with those guys and they worked extremely hard for us. Its hard to understand looking from the outside.

2)What attracted you to the Southeast Guilford job?
EB:The opportunity to continue building a strong program that is the right fit for me at this point in my career. There’s high expectations for the program and the desire to win at a high level is evident when you talk to the people involved. They have some of the better facilities around the county, especially the weight room.

3)How soon before you become an official member of the Southeast Guilford High School faculty?
EB:With everything going on with COVID-19, that has yet to be determined.

4)Can you go ahead and start contacting your new players by Email, and start giving them workout tips?
EB:Communicating with the players will be difficult right now, but we’ll get all that figured out as we go. Its important that we start building those relationships.

5)Do you have some orange and black shirts, shorts, and pants you can start wearing?
EB:Black is a pretty common color. I have a few orange items.

6)Any former SEG Falcons that you know, and you can and will reach out to them, to learn more about the SEG football program?
EB:Yes, I have spoken with a few alumni who shared valuable information about the school and the program.

7)How important was it to be named the boys head track coach too?
EB:Track is a sport I’ve always coached and I will continue that at SEGH. I like the competitive nature involved in track. It’s helps build toughness and improves your speed when you compete at a high level.

8)Are you looking forward to facing Eastern Guilford, as a conference member in a conference game each season, and why?
EB:I’m looking forward to playing all the teams on the schedule.

9)How do you go about making the SEG football program better than it has been in the past?
EB:There are many things already in place that lay a strong foundation and I’m excited to build upon that. I’m going to do my best to work with my coaching staff and players to become a strong force year after year.

10)When you walk in and start meeting these kids face-to-face, how do you get their attention?
EB:Being genuine and yourself. Everything else will take care of itself.

Bonus Question Part I:What’s the staple/foundation of your football program, no matter where you are coaching???
EB:Leadership, accountability, family, team, trust, and no excuses.

Bonus Question Part II:What is the name of the Southeast Guilford Football Stadium, and does that name have special meaning???
EB:I think Bill Slayton Stadium. Coach Slayton has a lot of history with that program and I also know him from my playing days.

**********We thank Coach Earl Bates for taking the time to answer these questions this evening….We wish him all the success in the world, as he takes over the head football coaching job at Southeast Guilford High School, here in Greensboro/Guilford County.**********