Who was your Top Coach of All-Time??? The best coach you ever had at Any Level?

Looking for your TOP All-Time Coach???

Who was the best coach you ever had? You may have a Top Three, and if so, go ahead and list them, but it would really be interesting to get you Top All-Time Coach, that you ever had….

Who would you rank as your best coach ever?

If you can come up with one, we will try and locate that coach and interview them for this site…

The best coach you ever had and we will hunt him or her down, and bring them here to GreensboroSports.com….

Who do you have? Are they still around?? We will take the names, if we can get you to start sending some of them in, and we will do our best to find them, considering that they are still with us, and we will track them down and get an interview with them…

My top coach, was a football coach I had at Summer Football Camp, and then he later coached me for one year at college, and his name was John Cartwright….He was a quarterback, back in his day at Navy, and then went on to become the head coach in college, at Liberty Baptist College…One of those coaches that gave you more than just football stuff…He taught you life lessons and he cared about your soul and where you would end up, when life was closing in on you, and things would all be over…

At the Naval Academy, John Cartwright did OK for himself, as part of the Midshipmen’s Football Team…

Cartwright followed Roger Staubach as starting quarterback for the United States Naval Academy as a sophomore in 1965. He led the Midshipmen to some of their finest seasons including a 1967 season that including victories over Penn State, Syracuse, and Army. In the process, he broke 13 of Staubach’s school records and set seven others of his own.

I am going to give it up for John Cartwright….Other coaches I had that made a major impression on me were Doug Henderson and Bill Hollifield, football coaches from Western Guilford High School, then there was my PONY baseball coach for the old Guilford College Civics, Sid Teachey…

Ole’ Coach Teachey was a good baseball coach, but he let us play our game and didn’t push us too hard, he just sort of let us, let the game come to us…My baseball coach, Sid Teachey recently passed away, and here’s what they were writing about him, and it got my attention fast…..Sid Teachey attended Wallace-Rose Hill High School and graduated in 1957. He excelled in sports, and played basketball, baseball, and was the co-captain of the football team. Sid played in the all-conference high school football state championship, and held the NC High School State record for total rushing yards for 14 years after he graduated. After high school, he attended Guilford College on a football scholarship….Pretty good credentials there, but I never knew about any of those details, until I read Coach Teachey’s obit…

Doug Henderson and Bill Hollifield are also both now deceased, but unlike Coach Teachey, Henderson and Hollifield never took it easy on anyone….They pushed your tail to the brink of no return, but once you got there, it was easier getting there, the next time around……

Other coaches I had back in the day were Jerry Carrick, with the old Guilford College Indians baseball team, Roger Brooks, coaching football and basketball at the Guilford Junior High School and there were a few others too….

If I was going to rank them, I would go:
1)John Cartwright
2)Doug Henderson
3)Bill Hollifield……….

Again, John Cartwright at #1….Who was your best All-Time Coach???

Let us know and we will go looking for him, or her……


  1. My all time coach is a dichotomy of sorts. First, Brantley Edwards(RIP)and Jerry Stanley football at Lewis Center Rec. I played peewee for Coach Stanley in late 70’s winning two titles. Me and my brother Reggie Robinson, and cousin JR(Palmer) troutman, were on of the few blacks on the team and had crossed over the train tracks if you will. Coach Stanley treated us no different than any other kid and made us play even harder. He was a no nonsense coach who inspired you to give your all and developed great character in us as young lads. He made us accountable for our actions and challenged us to be resilient in real time. I had the great amenity to coach with him as he coached my son Rodo Robinson II(Page High, currently Freshman Football player at Guilford College). Coach Edwards(RIP) was my mite coach and he made an indelible impression on me and my life as well. The moments I spent on the field with him were cherished and can be vividly recalled as well as the times my brother Reg and JR spent at his home on some weekends with his family. His method to challenging you expel your intestinal fortitude on the field was uncanny. He had an presence that transcended football and a laugh that could shake a room. Plus we won city championships two out of my three years and we were runner up to Warnesville in that one as Freddie Barnes scored lone touchdown in fourth quarter. Consistent coaching.

    Jeff Smouse was my high-school coach at Grimley. When you become a teenager, not all guys like their high-school coaches however I had one of the best coaches I could have wanted in Jeff Smouse. A brilliant mind and advant-garde in his offensive schematics. “Air Smouse” with Greg Franklin, subsequently Chris Harris as Qb’s and Shawn Brown RB, receivers Wilie Harris and JR Trout and to name a few. I went to Smouse to challenge my status as a starter on the Defensive line in summer preseason. He listened attentively, gave me constructive advice and I started the next 28 games, all of my Junior and Senior year, all conference senior and at the time,the most tackles by nose guard in the state. Great mentor.

    Wrestling coach Rodney James. Great mentor and supreme facilitator of knowledge of wrestling. Technical coaching aptitude that allowed novice wrestlers to reach the states in wrestling under his tutelage. He would fall on the sword for his wrestlers and challenged the status quo to ensure fairness for all. I was able to coach side by side with Coach James and share in the success of wrestlers like Dion Hicks(State Champion) Joe Guzzio,StaTe Champ, I digress. No order, mix em up and shake em out. They will forever hold places in time and space of sports that can not be contented with, My top guys,

    Brantley Edwards/ Rip
    Jerry Stanley
    Jeff Smouse
    Rodney James

  2. Boy, those are some very good answers/responses….

    I have heard of most of those coaches and sure many of you have too…

    Coach Fulghum, Coach Frazier, Coach Avent and Coach Speight, have heard of and all about them and they are great ones…

    Coach Edwards, Coach Smouse, Coach Rodney James, have heard of all of them, and know they were great ones too…

    It’s times like these that you can think back to those coaches and what they taught us, and that will help us get through these tough times…

    I remember Coach Taylor in the movie “Facing the Giants” and he said nothing is Too Big for us to get through, as long as we lean on the Lord…Nothing too big for God, he will get us thorough these tough times, and he sent us those coaches, to help us learn how to get “Through It All”….

    Sometimes I wish our old piano coach Andre Crouch was still with us, and he would be singing it, “Thorough It All, Through It All”….

    Let’s hear from more of you and hopefully by the way of Twitter, I will begin reaching out to some of these coaches…

    I can still also remember Rodney James wrestling over there at Grimsley High School, and Rodney was in around that 126-pound weight class and Coach Dennis Barbour had him(Rodney James), Cezzie Love, Billy Szostak, Walter “Onion” Barrett, and the Bartlett(David) kid at 167 primed as State Wrestling Champions…

    Get us some more coaches in here, and the ones we heard about already really hit home, in a real good way….


  3. Wayne Butler and Bob Watkins in the ’70s Glenwood Lions Football.
    John McKee and Bill Bowers at Dudley HS in the early ’80s.

    I learned a heck of a lot of football from these guys but more about life!

  4. We have the questions in to several of these coaches and hopefully, they will be getting back with us soon….

  5. The best coach I played for when I was in sports for football, wrestling, and track. He was even a great baseball coach and the coach is Coach Tommy Grayson (RIP coach)

  6. Is Luke McKeel still with us, or has he passed away?

    Coach McKeel was the girls basketball and baseball coach at Page right??

    Did he coach anywhere else, other than Page???

    What about youth coach Bob Watkins, is he still with us????

  7. he was head baseball coach at Dudley in the 70’s
    he also was a football assistant

  8. Luke Mckeel was head baseball coach at Grimsley before he came to Dudley
    he was transferred to Dudley when they integrated the schools and move some teachers and coaches to different schools

  9. Alan Ashkinazy has my respect he was good coach and a good friend
    kids had a great time playing for him.

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