The First Sports League to Return Will Be???

from Wednesday, April 8:

Bundesliga Planning to Be First Pro League to Return and news of this return coming in from The Action Network

Germany’s top soccer league, the Bundesliga, is slated to return at the beginning of May, according to CEO Christian Seifert.
According to the New York Times, plans are “being put in place for games to return at all 36 stadiums by the beginning of May, with the remaining nine games of the schedule to be completed by the end of June.” The Bundesliga is planning on having no fans in the stands for all games.

If the Bundesliga follows through on this timeline, it will be the first pro league in the world to return after previously suspending play due to the coronavirus.

Bundesliga clubs have already started training for a potential return. Germany banned gatherings of more than two people, so some clubs, such as FC Bayern Munich, are training in pairs. According to ESPN, “15 of the 18 Bundesliga clubs have confirmed they resumed training on Tuesday [April 7] at the latest.”