What Car Colors do you remember??? Did you have a Favorite?

You probably had a car back in high school, in college and then letter on when you went out into your professional life…

I was thinking about this the other day, and I started lining up the cars and the colors of the cars in my mind, as I thought back over the years….

The first car was a 1967 Chevrolet Impala and it was a color they called Cream…

So, let’s line them up with the Chevy Impala out in front of the parade…Sometimes we start out liking a certain make or model of car, then the colors we like kick in, and later on it is buy the car that is affordable and gas-friendly…

Back to Number One…

1)1967 Chevy Impala-Cream Color
2)1698 Chevy Nova-White
3)1980 Datsun Pickup Truck-Black
4)At this point I am dropping the year, and just hitting the Make and the color due to trying to remember all of those vehicles…
Burgundy Mazda RX7
5)Chevy Chevette-Blue
6)Isuzu Sedan-White
7)Nissan Sentra-Silver
8)Toyota Corolla-Red
9)Toyota Corolla-Gold
10)Toyota Corolla-Burgundy
11)Toyota Corolla-Silver

Have hit the Toyota Corolla route in recent years, but that is the history of the cars, and let’s see you list…It makes for a nice trip down memory lane….

Best vehicle of them all would be any of those Toyota Corollas and the worst of all, would be that Isuzu…The Isuzu was not worth the Price of Admission…I did have a Yamaha 100 motorcycle that I drove/rode in the first part of my days on the road, with a verified North Carolina Drivers License…That motorcycle made for some tough times/days, when those thunderstorms hit…Time then, to start seeking shelter….

Let’s see your list and hear about your cars and their colors from the past…..

3 thoughts on “What Car Colors do you remember??? Did you have a Favorite?

  1. Orange 82 Oldsmobile Omega
    White 88 Ford Mustang
    Red 85 Oldsmobile Firenza
    Silver 97 mercury grand Marquis
    Blue 02 Chevy Cavalier
    Green 05 Kia Sportage

  2. Sometimes colors are the key….I remember a red car that Marshall Brown had, and it was a good one…

    And I remember a Silver one too, and that was a longer car and it might have been a Lincoln…

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