Who should be in that First Class of the Page High School Sports Hall of Fame???

How big should the first class be?

Who should be in the very first class of the Page High School Sports Hall of Fame??

What females, if any should go in that first-ever class???

The word was released this past weekend, that Page High School will be coming up with their First Class of the Page High School Sports Hall of Fame…Not sure what the exact wording for the title will be, but it is something along that order….

We thought it might be interesting to see what others think about the idea, and who all should included in the very first Class of the Page High School Sports Hall of Fame…

We are going with ten names, take a look at these and see who you would add, or take away????

The opening number we came up with is ten(10) and here is who we would be putting in….

Marion Kirby-Football Coach\
Mac Morris-Basketball Coach
Haywood Jeffires-Football and Basketball Player
Tripp Welborne-Football and Basketball Player
John Isner-Tennis Athlete
Danny Manning-Basketball Player
Ray Harrison-Football, Basketball and Track Athlete
Paris Kea-Girls Basketball Star and that answers my question about what female athlete should go in with the first class, and glad I thought of her…
Todd Ellis-Football Player
Robert Clendenin-former Page High School principal and support staff for the athletics programs from 1970-1991…

What do you think about his list, and everybody has their own opinion, and this list will get us thinking….