Arkansas Razorbacks offer Travis Shaw from Grimsley HS and the Whirlies’ DL has another top college to consider:Travis Shaw is going to _____________???

Coming in today from Twitter and the account of Grimsley High School defensive lineman and Class of 2022 student, Travis Shaw…..

Travis Shaw
Blessed To Receive An Offer From The University Of Arkansas.

He’s a big football player, who stands at 6’5 and weighs in at around 310, and this kid(#18) has some moves…Going to be very interesting to see where this young man lands….The colleges are calling and last week it was Southern Cal and Ohio State, and this week it is Arkansas…

Travis Shaw might be the hottest high school football prospect to come out of Greensboro, N.C., since back when Keenan Allen came out of Northern Guilford HS and headed out to California, around 10 years ago….Allen played for the Cal Bears, but he was nearly in camp at the University of Alabama, as Coach Nick Saban was hot on the trail of Allen, back when he(Allen) was playing for the NG Nighthawks…

Before it is all said and done, Travis Shaw’s college recruitment may exceed that of Keenan Allen, and maybe even that of Todd Ellis(Page High School)…Allen goes to Cal, Ellis goes to South Carolina and Travis Shaw goes where???

Fill in the Blank, Travis Shaw goes where_____________??? Maybe Travis will remain instate and attend either North Carolina or N.C. State….Maybe he goes to the SEC….LSU, Alabama, Georgia has been hot on his trail, and South Carolina would be in the hunt….

Travis Shaw is a hot commodity and you have to think Clemson has to be on his radar too….D.J. Reader, the big lineman from Grimsley High School, went to Clemson and D.J. has been a mentor along the way, for Travis Shaw….

Wherever he ends up, there should be nothing but green grass ahead for Travis Shaw, that big lineman from Grimsley HS and also the former big lineman for the Kiser Tigers…..

Travis Shaw is going to ____________________??? All you can do right now, is fill in that blank, and your guess would be just as good as mine…..