Harry Giles(Wesleyan Christian Academy) steps up to help Kings’ Kids that were crushed when the Cornonavirus/COVID-19 cancelled their game

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On March 11, the Sacramento Kings suspended their upcoming game at Golden 1 Center against the New Orleans Pelicans due to precautionary measures from the coronavirus pandemic.

This was right after the NBA announced the season would be suspended indefinitely after Jazz center Rudy Gobert’s positive coronavirus test earlier that night. Still, it made an immediate impact, especially on one young fan.

Cameras caught a devastated girl crying in the stands after the announcement. The Kings, and Harry Giles(Wesleyan Christian Academy) wanted to apologize for the cancellation of the game with a heartfelt message to Sophie and her brother.

Sacramento Kings
Remember that girl @ESPN cameras caught crying at the last Kings game…@HGiiizzle found her and sent her a special message. #InThisTogether #NBATogether #ActsOfCaring

“I just wanted to tell you guys we apologize for the unfortunate situation that happened on March 11 with the game getting canceled, but I have a surprise for you,” Giles said.

CLICK HERE so you can see the video and this might just be the best video you will see today…The kids were crying when the game was cancelled, but when Harry Giles told them when the Coronavirus/COVID-19 was over, he is going to have those kids come to the Kings game, courtesy of Harry Giles, those same kids that were crying, they were now jumping up and down and going crazy over the Kings and their new best friend ever, Harry Giles…
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Sophie and her brother were sitting on the couch watching the video from Giles and were invited personally by the Kings’ forward whenever the season was to come back.

Sophie said thank you to Giles as she jumped on the couch sporting Kings gear.

This isn’t the first time Giles paid back to Kings fans.

He also helped a couple plan a wedding. Well, he certainly played a big part. The groom actually sported a Giles’ jersey at the altar after a Twitter request of 10,000 retweets.

Giles continues to be a man of the people.