Let’s Look at J3 Swindell(Westchester Christian Academy):There’s a story to tell about the “Freshman on the Fly”, from the 2019-2020 season

James Swindell the 3rd was a high school basketball player this past 2019-2020 season, with the Westchester Country Day School Wildcats…J3 Swindell was a freshman for Wildcats and this was his family’s first year living in the High Point area, where Westchester Country Day is located…Just across the Guilford County line in Davidson County, lies Westchester Country Day School…WCD is near Wallburg, from what I have heard, but then again, I have never been to WCD, but I have read and written a ton about their programs, mainly basketball and baseball over the years…

And this J3 Swindell kid is a “kid on the rise”, on the basketball court….Let’s find out more about him, and then as time rolls by, let’s keep up with the kid and see how far he goes…..

J3 Swindell and his family were living in Meridian, Mississippi, before they packed up and moved to the High Point area in the Summer of 2019…Both of J3’s parents got new jobs in the High Point, N.C. area….

from the Meridian Star, the newspaper from Meridian, Mississippi and this from the online edition….
by Drew KerekesCLICK HERE for more from the Meridian Star, in Meridian, Mississippi

When the Swindell family moved from Meridian to High Point, N.C., over the summer, one of the immediate objectives was to find a school where James “J3” Swindell III could begin his high school basketball career.

J3 played for Russell Christian Academy last winter as an eighth-grader, splitting time between junior varsity and varsity, and would have again as a freshman this season, but when James Swindell Jr. and Mary Swindell got jobs in High Point, the family’s plans changed. Having lived in Meridian for the past 10 years, J3 said there were plenty of adjustments to make, including fitting in at a new school.

“I knew I was moving in July, but I didn’t think it would necessarily be before school started, so it was a big move,” J3 said. “We moved to a whole new area, so I had to get used to a lot of different things.”

After looking at several schools, the family settled on Westchester Country Day School, where J3 is a member of the Wildcats’ roster.

“I had to get used to a different schedule,” J3 explained. “I don’t go to the same classes every day, and I have to wake up an hour earlier than I did when I lived in Meridian.”

One thing that hasn’t changed is early morning workouts with his father. When they lived in Meridian, J3 and James Jr. would go to Anderson’s Health and Fitness Center several days a week before school and practice on the gym’s basketball courts. Now, they do the same at their local YMCA, and James Jr. said he’s seen noticeable development in his son.

“He’s continued to work hard and has gotten physically stronger,” James II said. “He’s topping out at 6-foot-3 1/2, and his game is much more mature, and his basketball IQ is higher now. He’s playing against high-level competition on a daily basis and has had double digits in just about every game.”

from Patrick O’Brien at the Phenom Hoops Report on Getting to Know J3 Swindell….
Some may have heard the name and for others, it is only a matter of time. However, freshman J3 Swindell certainly made his mark in the state of North Carolina this past season.

A transfer from Mississippi, James W. Swindell III made his mark. He goes by J3 and was the go-to playmaker at Westchester Country Day this season. He was named All-State in the 2A division by the NCHSAA and averaged an astonishing 22 points and 11 rebounds per game.

That included big-time performances against High Point Christian (season-high 38 points), Greensboro Day (21 points), Wayne Country Day (19 points), and Forsyth Country Day (33 points). He finished his season in a playoff loss vs. Gaston Day, scoring 28 points.

In speaking with his father, James Swindell Jr. who played at Limestone College, he had this to say about his son as he continues to work on his game.

“He is a high IQ player, a great passer, and sees the floor extremely well. He can shoot from all three levels, good free-throw shooter, and can defend multiple positions. He is constantly working to improve his skills and athleticism/foot speed/strength.”

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