Load of WWE Wrestlers, Producers, Referees, Announcers and Talents let go today:WWE Unloads loads of the WWE Superstars(Dark Day Inside the Ring)

Here is the list and you’ll see names that you recognize and some names that have been behind the scenes for awhile…

This is a Dark Day for World Wrestling Entertainment, as we once knew it…Gone are Kurt Angle, EC3, Rusev, Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Karl Anderson, Eric Young, Lio Rush, Billy Kidd, Mike Rotunda, Scott Armstrong, Shane Helms, Fit Finlay, Lance Strom and so many more are GONE!!

It is Dark today, inside many of the WWE rings…The Squared-Circle has gone Vertical and Horizontal on the same day….

* Rusev
* Zack Ryder
* No Way Jose
* Mike Kanellis
* Maria Kanellis
* Primo
* Epico
* Rowan
* Sarah Logan
* Karl Anderson
* Luke Gallows
* EC3
* Drake Maverick
* Curt Hawkins
* Heath Slater
* Eric Young
* Lio Rush

PRODUCERS (Furloughed or released):
* WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle (Released)
* Billy Kidman
* Mike Rotunda
* Pat Buck
* Fit Finlay
* Shawn Daivari
* Scott Armstrong
* Sarah Stock
* Shane Helms
* Lance Storm

* Aiden English

* Mike Chioda

* Andrea Listenberger

**********Here is how it all began to break, earlier today/Wednesday.**********
(This statement from the Boss’s office/the office of Vince McMahon.)

Vince McMahon held a call this afternoon to address WWE employees.

During the call, McMahon said that some employees will be furloughed. Vince said that he hopes to have them back when the situation is resolved, but there is no timeline. Furloughed employees will receive a text message from the WWE Human Resources immediately.

++++++++++WWE will also be cutting talent, which will be permanent cuts.++++++++++

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