His Decision Should Be Coming Soon:Christian Hampton(Northwest Guilford HS) just about ready to tell us where he will be going to college and playing college hoops(Where is Chris going to College???)

They are telling us that Christian Hampton’s announcement is a very near…It will be sooner than later when Christian Hampton, from Northwest Guilford High School, tells where he will be going to college, and where he will be playing college hoops next season…

Coach Lee Reavis has been helping Chris Hampton with this decision-making process, and after Chris averaged just over 18.0 points per game for the Northwest Guilford Vikings last season, he is wanted and for good reason….

What makes Chris Hampton so special…Let’s start with his charisma, energy, athleticism, leadership, and his overall personality…”Mr. Energy” could well describe Christian Hampton and here is what The Phenom Hoop Report and Patrick O’Brien are saying about Christian/Chris Hampton, from Northwest Guilford High School…..

In their unsigned senior spotlight, Phenom Hoops had this to say:

“Hampton truly possesses all the tools, both physically and in terms of skill, to be an absolute steal at a variety of programs at the Division I level. He’s smart, quick, and one of the most explosive players across the entire state. Hampton possesses the ability to destroy opponents on defense, force turnovers, and then immediately turn them into points on the other end. His “knock” has been his three-point consistency but he’s shot the ball increasingly well over the last calendar year. Additionally, Hampton is an exceptional leader through communication and by example, which absolutely makes him a guy that all types of schools should covet.”

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