Greg Suire and Jim Goard, we have people asking about Summer Baseball:Looking to HiToms Baseball NC3 Club as the Summer Baseball Leader(We need to hear from Greg and Jim/COLT Coaches or Donnie Stowe in the Know?)

HiToms Baseball NC3 Club….We are starting to get questions about Summer Baseball and the HiToms Baseball NC3 Club plans on having a league this Summer for American Legion age young men, and they are also talking about running a Junior HiToms Baseball NC3 League/Club…

We need to hear from Greg Suire and Jim Goard and see if they have answers for us, as we receive these questions….

HiToms Baseball NC3 Club…..
Is the league already set?Or are you still accepting teams????
This question coming in from David Bush

Donnie Stowe, with Greensboro COLT Baseball may be able to help with this one….And HiToms Baseball NC3 Club may also be looking to have/field Junior teams…..
Thomas Gamble asking:Will there be a COLT Baseball season this summer?

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