Burlington Times-News Trusted Journalist Bob Sutton GONE after nearly 25 years at the local newspaper

from R.L. Bynum on Twitter:
Among the journalists who Gannett has laid off is Bob Sutton, who has been the sports editor of the Times-News of Burlington for nearly 25 years. His last day is May 1.

A fixture on the ACC, Canes, minor-league baseball and prep beats, nobody ever works harder and longer hours.


  1. Just a thought or two coming in from Twitter:

    Michael Graff
    Every person who’s ever met Bob just felt a rush of blood to the head. Gannett can go to hell for this.

  2. A lot of people speaking out about Bob Sutton, and here are a couple of more of them…

    David Glenn Show

    For decades here in NC, Bob Sutton has been the epitome of quality sports journalism: hard work, fairness/accuracy, investing in his state/community, illuminating important stories large & small.
    also is a great person.
    Thanks, Bob. Best wishes with whatever’s next.

    Dave Goren

    This is the most egregious move I’ve read to date. No one works harder. No one is more passionate about his job. No one is a better representative of his company. His reward for all that? Let that be a lesson to all. The bottom line is the bottom line. Do it because YOU want to!

  3. Keep seeing more of these on Twitter:

    Brian McLawhorn

    I will echo what a lot of others in the Triangle and Triad have said; Bob Sutton is one of the absolute best people I have met in my 15 years covering Duke. This guy is a work horse. I can’t count the times I show up in what I perceive to be early, and Bob has already set up shop…..

  4. And here’s another good one….

    Darin Gantt

    Local newspapers keep begging you to love them. But it’s become an abusive relationship. They ask you for more while giving you less.

    Firing pros like Bob Sutton (and Richard Walker in Gastonia before him) shows you these companies will never value what their communities value.

  5. More here on Bob Sutton:

    Conor O’Neill

    Nothing but respect for a mentor who’s impossible to outwork.

    Industry is a brutal, heartless m*****f*****. Stars are there only because Bob would bristle at such language.

    Bob took a chance on an idiot who’d been in Pine Bluff, Ark. for a football season. Eternally grateful.

  6. Still adding in some Bob Sutton tributes:

    Bob lives N.C. sports. Period. He is an amazing journalist. What a gut punch to the trade.

  7. Eddie Wooten

    Have lived here all of my life and have worked with award-winning sports journalists for more than 30 years with three different companies, and Bob has been all about community as well as anyone in this state in the last half-century….

    If it needed to be covered, Bob’s readers – the athletes, the parents and the customers – knew they could count on him.

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