Are you ready for the “Slap Heard Round the World”???

This week on VICE TV’s Dark Side of the Ring program, they will look at “The Slap Heard Round the World”…..

“Dr. D” David Schultz, from the World Wrestling Federation/WWF, slaps John Stossel, from ABC TV”s 20/20 program and it makes for quite the entertaining documentary….

It will be on VICE TV this week and when you Click Below, you can see the slap laid upside the head of John Stossel, from “Dr. D” David Schultz….

Schultz says Vince McMahon, the WWF chairman/president/CEO told him to let Stossel have it, and that is exactly what Schultz did…

Here you go, click below for the trailer, and the language does get a bit rough, but that is how they go about it, in the professional wrestling business and John Stossel gets a bit crude too, so watch our for “Dr. D” and John…

Click Below for the VICE TV video trailer for, “The Slap Heard ‘Round the World”….

Lawsuits came later on after the slap, and reports are the WWF paid John Stossel(ABC 20/20) $250,000.00 in a settlement…..

Click Below for another video of David Schultz and his ‘laying of hands’ on ABC reporter, John Stossel….Schultz says Vince McMahon told him to slap John Stossel, but that he slapped Stossel in the face, and not on Stossel’s ear…Stossel always contended that he suffered non-repairable damage to his ear from the slap…Again, see what you think when you Click On below….

Click Below as John Stossel looks back at the Slap he took from David Schultz, and it is good to get John Stossel’s side of the story….Click Below and be sure to check out “The Slap Heard Round the World”, on VICE TV and this week’s, ‘The Dark Side of the Ring’ program….