The Morning Run:”We have Pieces of April, but It’s a Morning in May”

Back out there on the Friday Morning Run, the one where we really try and bring “The Morning Run” into full focus, and with 6 miles or so in front of us, there is plenty of time to put many obstacles behind us….

Today we felt the endings of the month of April, as we headed into the month of May…No better way today, than to leave the month of April and run into the month of May, and here’s Three Dog Night, with just a beautiful tune entitled “Pieces of April” and so goes the tune, “I’ve got pieces of April, but it’s a morning in May”
Click Below, and you will know, this video show is good to go…

The hard thing to process is that April was a very tough month, but now we are on the “Morning Run”, and this is always a good one and what makes this day even better is, this is the first day of a brand new month(May), and it is a Friday…Donna Summer may have said it best, and even though we are in the midst of Spring, Ms. Summer made a proclamation for this special day of the week, and announced the last day of our work week just like this…..And Donna was right on the money, when she said, “Thank God It’s Friday”TGIF and we have it all lined up for you, when you Click On Below…Time to let it roll and yell out loud, bold and proud, “:Thank God It’s Friday”….

As you head on down the road on a “Thank God It’s Friday”, you realize this is the Long Run of the week, and if you get through this one, the hardest workout of your week, is complete…But the question, as you head out each Friday morning is this, “Who will got the distance, We’ll find out, in The Long Run”…And here come The Eagles today, to solidify the theme behind that title, “The Long Run”…Click On Below for Don Henley and the boys, with “The Long Run”….You may be a bit tired by the time it is over, but it will be worth it….

One thing is certain, when you are going for “The Long Run”, by the time you are finished, you will be “Running On Empty”Mr. Jackson Browne has come to town and he explains what this feels like and what this is like when you are, “Running on Empty”…Click Below and you will be running with us, into the sun and running behind…Running into the sun and running blind…Jackson Browne for you, when you Click On Below…

My thoughts are as we head out and then return from the Morning Run, that there have been many joys and sorrows, there have been times when I didn’t think I would see tomorrow, there have been times when I didn’t right from left, but in every situation, there’s been peaceful consolation, that all of these trials only come to make us strong…All day long, All night long, we have to keep singing as we go along…..“Through it All”….“Through it All”…Up the road, down the road, up the hill, down the hill, in the valleys, on the mountaintops, we have to keep on singing, “Through It All”….Andre Crouch brings this tune to us today, and nobody does it better than Andre Crouch…Click On Below, for Andre Crouch and this special video show…
Andre Crouch is ready for us…Andre, what do you have to say, today???

And that is is our Friday Morning Run lineup for today….But just for a quick bonus today, and I have always enjoyed adding in the bonuses, I saw this kid while I was running down the street today….The kid was small, and basically just a child and the kid asked me as I ran by her, “Hey mister, when I run I just get too hot to run, how can I overcome that problem”???

I told the kid, just run faster and the wind will create air and that will cool you off…And as I passed the kid, I told her, you may have to live with this problem for awhile, because from what I learned many years ago, and I learned this from Nick Gilder, Nick said to me, “there will always be a “Hot Child In The City”….CLICK BELOW and Nick will go into more detail, and I think Nick Gilder does explain this dilemma well…Thanks to Nick and do be quick, as you pick out Nick and his video below, “Hot Child In The City”….(Running Wild and looking Pretty.)

Quite a good mix on our “Morning Run” video showcase for today/Friday…We have given you enough for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner….ENJOY!!!!!