Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance” becomes a “Penny Pitching Showdown”!!!

from The Action Network:
How Michael Jordan Hustled a Security Guard (And Lost!) When Betting on the ‘Pitching Pennies’ Game

Night 3 of ESPN’s “The Last Dance” was filled with riveting new stories, explanations and tributes to Michael Jordan’s notorious career. From the wars with the 90s Knicks to the locker room of the 1998 All-Star Game at Madison Square Garden, there was a plethora of never-before-seen, vaulted footage to make any basketball fan drool.

One moment, however, stood out during the introduction to gambling fascination. Or, should I say, “his competition problem.”

The beginning of Episode 6 takes us inside the Bulls locker room on March 23, 1998, where the team is preparing to face the Boston Celtics at the United Center. The camera finds Michael Jordan in a back room surrounded by the “Sniff Brothers,” a nickname given to the Bulls’ locker room security personnel responsible for the safety of the players and with whom MJ had a very close relationship.

One guard in particular, John Michael Wozniak, is featured “pitching pennies” against Jordan. While there are multiple versions of pitching pennies, the main purpose of the game is to throw your pennies (or in this case, quarters) and have them land closer to the wall than your opponent’s.

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