NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback tackles COVID-19/Coronavirus with a song:Pittsburgh Steelers’ Terry Bradshaw has a tune and it’s a hit(“Quarantine Crazy”)

Terry Bradshaw, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Hall of Famer and Super Bowl winner, got tired of sitting around during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic, and TB, the former great QB, decided to write a song and he struck up a tune, and it is not bad at all…

We think you’ll like it…It is sort of a country music ballard, and the title fits these tough times we are in, just perfectly…

Terry’s tune is called “Quarantine Crazy” and TB was going crazy, so he came up with the song…

Just Click On the YouTube video button below and you can follow along with Terry Bradshaw as he goes, “Quarantine Crazy”…..

from on Terry’s tune “Quarantine Crazy”….CLICK HERE for the full article from Rolling Stone….

These days, NFL legend, broadcaster extraordinaire and national treasure Terry Bradshaw can be found on his 800-acre quarterhorse ranch in Thackerville, Oklahoma, located right on the Texas-Oklahoma border. Bradshaw, his wife Tammy, his three grandchildren, and nine dogs have been home for six weeks when a recent chance phrase by his wife inspired the entertainer — whose career in country and gospel goes back more than 40 years — to contact songwriter Jimmy Yeary. The duo recorded “Quarantine Crazy,” a humorous look at the pitfalls of staying home 24 hours a day, in Nashville last Friday and released the song late Thursday night.

“Now all this time with them has sure been a blessing/Just hangin’ out together 24-7,” he sings on the country tune. “Now it was fun for a week, I’ll admit it/But my cabin fever’s bout to reach its limit.” In reality, Bradshaw seems ecstatic to spend every minute with his family. Scratch that. Bradshaw seems ecstatic, period. The 71-year-old is a talking exclamation point; a fount of optimism that’s hard to not be inspired by. He spoke to Rolling Stone from his ranch to talk about, well, whatever was on his mind.

**********A couple of questions they had for Terry Bradshaw in the Rolling Stone online article:**********
So what inspired this new song?
I was on the phone in my office with Buddy Martin, a really great sportswriter I’ve known for 30-something years. And we were talking football, and Tammy’s in the kitchen and she hollers at me and says, “Terry! I’m going quarantine crazy!” I said, “Quarantine crazy? Hey, that’s a country song title.” I said, “Buddy, I’ll call you back.”

I came into the kitchen and said, “Oh, yeah, I got it all figured out. He’s the guy that’s never taken time to spend with his family; always got an excuse. It’s either, ‘Honey, football season. Got to work late. Golf on Saturday to get the stress off of the week’s work.’ He’s always got all these excuses.” But now he’s quarantined and he has to spend time with them.

How often do you get out of the house these days?
I get out every day. I got 800 acres out here.

So there’s no nosy neighbors or anything?
Naw, today I was outside mowing the three-acre yard and Tammy was working in the garden.

How are you passing the time these days?
Yeah, get up and I go to the barn and go through all the livestock; go through the training facility. Go through the office and back here. I watch the news or get on the computer. I like to work out before noon and sometimes will tend to the yard. I stay busy. I look forward to having to go and fill my truck up. I mean, who can ever say that?

You’ve been public about your issues with anxiety. What advice would you give to anyone feeling anxious these days?
Well, dealing with depression is understanding the stimulus of depression. Things will trigger it like what we’re going through now. I am a man of faith and a Christian, so I’m in my prayer. I live a healthy, happy, mindful life. I’m very positive in my mind. And I’ve tried to look at the positive side of everything and look at this as “This too shall pass.” There’s a saying that I use all time and see if you understand it: “It is in the quiet crucible of your personal, private sufferings that your noblest dreams are born and God’s greatest gifts are given in compensation for what you have been through.” If you take that and live by that, it’s in your trials, your downs, your outs. You fight and you struggle and you work your way through the top. You persevere through it and God’ll bless you for it. That’s a saying I’ve used over and over again. I’ve used it 10 times this past week alone.