“Dark Side of the Ring” with “The Final Days of Owen Hart” draws Record Viewership

Saw this feature on YouTube back on Tuesday, and for the most part I would summarize this video as, Sad…Sad and very sad, as Vice TV and their program “Dark Side of the Ring” looked back at the death of Owen Hart…

Owen Hart fell to his death, during a cable malfunction that sent him falling into the wrestling ring from several feet above the ring…

Owen was in character, as the “Blue Blazer”, for the WWE and he fell to his death, in what was a mishap that had very mysterious and very alarming surroundings and details…

After he falls from at least 20-25 feet from above the ring, why did the match continue??? Who was in charge of the rigging device that lowered Owen to the ring??? What about the overall responsibility of the WWE and Vince McMahon, in this matter??? And so many more questions???

Owen Hart was not known as Owen Hart, he was known by his friends and peers in the wrestling industry, as simply, Owen…That is how well-liked and respected he was….This is a very interesting wrestling documentary and you will find it sad, but true…

Here is more on how the show did, numbers-wise back on Tuesday, on Vice TV…Info from www.wrestlinginc.com:
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The Owen Hart “Dark Side Of The Ring” Episode Draws Record Viewership

Tuesday’s season two finale of Vice TV’s “Dark Side of the Ring” at 10pm ET drew 349,000 viewers, according to Showbuzz Daily.
(“Dark Side of the Ring” this week drew the best viewership and rating in the history of the show.)

This is up 32% from last week’s episode on WWE Hall of Famers The Road Warriors, which drew 264,000 viewers.

This week’s one-hour season finale focused on WWE Legend Owen Hart and his tragic death at WWE Over The Edge 1999, titled “The Final Days of Owen Hart.”