Recognizing/Celebrating the Senior Athletes from around Guilford County:Part of Today’s Senior Takeover/Senior Stampede coming from Eastern Guilford High School(Home of the EG Wildcats)

Recognizing/Celebrating the Senior Athletes from around Guilford County:Part of Today’s Senior Takeover/Senior Stampede coming from Eastern Guilford High School…..

We celebrate those EG Wildcats today, and we thank EG Athletic Director Randall Hackett for putting this list together for us…Congrats to all of the Eastern Guilford Wildcat Senior Athletes, as they have finished up their work at EG and they now head out to college, or into the military, or on to the business world….

The EG Athletics tradition runs deep and we always think back to other Wildcats, that have gone on before this year’s group of seniors…The Holt Brothers, The Youmans Brothers, the Robinson Brothers, there have been a bunch of key ‘Cats from the past…And this year’s Class of 2020 hopes to go where the others have gone…On to college, and then maybe on to the pros, you just never know…EG’s Torry Holt having earned his way into several football Hall of Fames, and this year’s seniors hoping to embark on a similar, if not remarkable career of their own…

Eastern Guilford has some very solid leaders on their campus, and we recognize in particular, Randall Hackett(Athletic Director), Lance Sockwell(Principal) and John Hughes(Assistant Principal)……

**********Here are the Eastern Wildcat Senior Athletes from the Class of 2020 and please join us, in Celebrating the Seniors….**********

Name of Athlete	               Sport or N/A if not playing a sport	College or University
Adams, Tevyan	               football	                                Bethany College
Benson, Elijah	               n/a	                                East Carolina University
Boone, Jelani	               n/a	                                UNC Charlotte
Boone, Nicholas	               n/a	                                UNC Greensboro
Braswell, Alysia	       n/a	                                NC A&T State University
Camp, Casandra	               n/a	                                UNC Charlotte
Caulder, Karley	               n/a	                                GTCC
Chang, Willy	               n/a	                                UNC Greensboro
Chrispin, Jahleel	       Football	                                Johnson C Smith University
Clapp, Mikaela	               n/a	                                GTCC
Clements, Layla	               n/a	                                East Carolina University
Clodfelter, Kayla	       n/a	                                Woodbury University
Crowe, Colby	               n/a	                                Liberty University
Dawkins, Elijah	               n/a	                                GTCC
Dillard, Aaliyah	       Cheerleading	                        Belmont Abbey College
Gillis, Isaiah	               n/a	                                Winston Salem State University 
Gunnell, Cameron	       n/a	                                North Carolina A&T
Harris, Darian	               n/a	                                UNC Charlotte
Hewitt, Elijah	               n/a	                                GTCC
Hines, Gionna		
Howard, Logan	               n/a	                                UNC Greensboro
Johnson, Omarion	       Basketball	                        William Peace University
Jones, Madelyn	               n/a	                                NC State University
Lemu, Ifaa (STEM @A&T)	       n/a	                                NC A&T State University
Leon, Cristofer		
Loring, Michael	               n/a	                                East Carolina University
Mahoney, Avone		
Manning, Isaiah	               Wrestling	                        University of Mount Olive
Mark, Sydney	               n/a	                                UNC Charlotte
Matthews, Trinity		
McFarlane, Zoe	               n/a	                                Western Carolina University
McGuire, Robert (Matthew)      n/a	                                Join National Guard
Mobley, D'Jay	               baseball	                                GTCC 
Morrison, Destiny	       n/a	                                NC Central University
Murphy, Cassidy	               n/a	                                Military
Neal-Platt, Asanti	       n/a	                                East Carolina University
Nemchin, Brooke	               n/a	                                GTCC
Oakes, Za'Veon	               Football	                                Fayetteville State University
Pearson, Jordan	               n/a	                                UNC Charlotte
Pearson, Julia	               n/a	                                UNC Wilmington
Petty, Josephine (Layla)       n/a	                                North Carolina A & T
Pinnix, Kamryn	               n/a	                                UNC Greensboro
Reed, Erin	               Cheerleading	                        Averett University
Royster, Anthony	       Track and Football	                St Augustine University
Saley, Yusif		
Sendziak, Alyssa	       n/a	                                GTCC
Silva, Jordalie	               n/a	                                GTCC
Simmons, Majja	               n/a	                                UNC Greensboro
Smith, Alexis	               n/a	                                UNC Greensboro
Smith, Kaijuan		
Smitherman, Christian	       n/a	                                Winston Salem State University
Spencer, Dylan	               Basketball	                        Belmont Abbey College
Spencer, Erica	               n/a	                                Winston Salem State University
Stanley, Zackery	       n/a	                                Alamance Community College
Stokley, Zynaja	               n/a	                                UNC Greensboro
Tabiri, Cornelius	       n/a	                                GTCC
Tatum, Hunter	               n/a	                                Alamance Community College
Thomas, Tamera	               n/a	                                GTCC
Urquhart, Collin	       n/a	                                Employment
White, Tahri	               n/a	                                Alamance Community College
Whitsett, Joshua	       n/a                                      North Carolina A & T
Wiggins, Dariyon	       n/a	                                GTCC
Williams, Cameron	       n/a	                                UNC Charlotte
Willoughby, Jada	       n/a	                                GTCC
Wood, Ausha	               n/a	                                North Carolina A & T

Here is a partial list for you of the sports the EG Wildcats played this past 2019-2020 school year…..

Christian Smitherman
Isaiah Gillis
Jahleel Chrispin
Darian Harris
D’jay Mobley
Christian Summers
Te’vyan Adams
Jelani Boone
Anthony Royster
Za’veon Oakes
Robert McGuire
Elijah Hewitt
Cameron Gunnell
Josh Kyei
Kaijuan Smith
Willy Chang
Zack Stanley
Dariyon Wiggins
Cameron Williams
Emmanuel Summers
Kyandre Brown
Elijah Dawkins

Boys Basketball
Omarion Johnson
Dylan Spencer
Michael Loring
Josh Whitsett

Matthew McGuire
Colby Crowe
D’Jay Mobley
Josh Whitsett

Boys Lacrosse
Collin Urquhart
Cameron Williams
Willy Chang
Hunter Tatum

Boys Soccer
Michael Loring
Cristofer Leon
Hunter Tatum
Chinu Nie
Colby Crowe

Boys Swimming
Nicholas Boone
Tahri White

Girls Soccer
Alysia Braswell
Logan Howard
Zoe McFarlane
Gionna Hines

Majja Simmons
Karley Caulder
Jordalie Silva
Kamryn Pinnix

Girls Swimming
Alexis Smith
Ashley White
Layla Clements

Girls Tennis
Brooke Nemchin

Alyssa Sendziak
Cassie Camp
Layla Petty
Asanti Neal-Platt
Erica Spencer