Recognizing/Celebrating the Senior Athletes from around Guilford County:Our Next Senior Takeover/Senior Stampede goes to Northern Guilford High School(Home of the Nighthawks)

Recognizing/Celebrating the Senior Athletes from around Guilford County, and next up for our Senior Takeover/Senior Stampede are the Northern Guilford Nighthawks, from out on Spencer-Dixon Road….

The Nighthawks have come out in full force for out “Senior Celebration” and the NG AD/Athletic Director Brian Thomas has been working OT to get this list ready for us, and as can see below, the Nighthawks were a very active group of Senior Athletes…That all speaks well for the job Brian Thomas and his coaching staff are doing….

We even get to check in with the Nighthawks’ Cheerleading team and they have/had a very strong group of Nighthawk Seniors….We’ve seen the exemplary job that the NG administrative staff has done over the years, and they are keeping the Nighthawks on top of their game with principal Ms. Janiese McKenzie, who works primarily with the Seniors and there are the assistant principals; Mr. Kevin Hairston, Mr. Tim Wolfe and Ms. Monique Wallace

We have seen coaches Furlough, Westberg, Kimrey, Dorrell and others and the job that they have done over the years, and we tip our cap to all of the coaches that work with the Northern Guilford HS Athletes

Here is the Pomp and Circumstance march that will get the Seniors moving….

As soon as the Pomp and Circumstance is complete, it is time to re-adjust your feet and start the “Senior Celebration”, with Kool and the Gang….ENJOY

And Senior Athletes from Northern Guilford High School, we hope you enjoyed your stay, and Good Luck to you, as you head out on your way, wherever that might be….

First Name	Last Name	College attending	        Sport	                        Playing in College
Carson	        Lomax	        University of South Carolina	Basketball	                No
Rashawn	        Pleasant	GTCC	                        Basketball/Outdoor Track	No
Josiah	        Sims	        Winston Salem State	        Basketball/Outdoor Track	No
Jalen	        Brooks	        A&T	                        Lacrosse	                NO
Teddy	        Forde	        Hampton Sydney	                Lacrosse	                Yes Football
Nic	        Hasler	        APP ST	                        Lacrosse	                NO
CJ	        Hill	        Western Carolina	        Lacrosse	                NO
Chase	        Henderson	Greensboro College	        Lacrosse	                YES
Matt	        Howard	        APP ST	                        Lacrosse	                NO
Ridge	        Lanzi	        APP ST	                        Lacrosse	                NO
Ben	        McKinney	Undecided	                Lacrosse	                NO
Ethan	        Ryan	        UNC Pembroke	                Lacrosse	                Yes Football
Giacomo	        Santomauro	APP ST	                        Lacrosse	                NO
MELANIE	        BACON	        NC STATE	                SOCCER	                        NO
BLAIR	        YOUNG	        ALABAMA	                        SOCCER	                        NO
Rhiana 	        Brownell	Georgia Tech	                Women's Tennis	                No
Amelia 	        Harris	        UNC/Chapel Hill	                Women's Tennis	                No
Katharyne	Mascia	        UNC/Chapel Hill	                Women's Tennis	                No
Hank	        Dodson	        Dixie State U	                baseball	                yes
Daniel	        Epperson	App State	                baseball	                no
Trent	        Hostetter	App State	                baseball	                no
CJ	        Thousand	WV Tech	                        baseball	                yes
Jake	        Wagoner	        Mars Hill	                baseball	                yes
Brett	        Wargowsky	ECU	                        baseball	                no
Trevor	        Watkins	        South Carolina	                baseball	                no
Jesse	        Auger	        GTCC	                        Soccer	                        No
Josh 	        Auger	        Univ. of Lynchburg	        Soccer	                        Yes
Jules	        Espadero	Undecided	                Soccer	                        No
Nicolas	        Hasler	        App State	                Soccer	                        No
Chase	        Henderson	Greensboro College	        Soccer	                        No
Sherwin	        Lashani	        GTCC	                        Soccer	                        No
John Daniel	Livaudais	Univ. of Auburn	                Soccer	                        No
Giovani	        Morgan	        Methodist Univ.	                Soccer	                        Yes
Tyler	        Yates	        Averett Univ.	                Soccer	                        Yes
Synia 	        Allen	        Montreat College	        Cheerleading	   yes-playing lacrosse and doing cheer
Adisen 	        Ames	        UNC Wilmington	                Cheerleading	                no
Kaitlyn	        Baker	        NC State	                Cheerleading	                no
Nicole 	        Dinallo	        Clemson	                        Cheerleading	           trying out for club cheer
Kate	        Eldredge	NC State	                Cheerleading	   trying out for competition club cheer
Carly	        Herndon	        UNC	                        Cheerleading	                no
Maci 	        Hudson	        Davenport University	        Cheerleading	                yes
Katie 	        Krueger	        UNC	                        Cheerleading	                no
Malaki	        Obie	        Winston Salem State University	Cheerleading	           yes-trying out
Aniyah	        Quinlan	        Greensboro College	        Cheerleading	           yes- but for Lacrosse
Anna Grace	Rogers	        Aveda Institute of Charlotte	Cheerleading	                no
Siarra 	        Walker	        UNC Central	                Cheerleading	                no
Amari 	        Williams 	Winston Salem State University	Cheerleading	           yes-trying out
Mea	        Clark	        Austin Peay State University	Softball	                Yes
Heather	        Conaway	        University of North Carolina - Greensboro	Softball	No
Morgan	        Haines	        Appalachian State University	Softball	                No
Makalah	        Mitchell	University of Alabama - Birmingham	        Softball	Yes
Davis	        Brandberg	Clemson	                        Men's Golf	                No
Mason 	        Hershey	        Clemson	                        Men's Golf	                No
Jason         	Smith	        NC State	                Men's Golf	                No
JP          	Tewksbury	Alabama	                        Men's Golf	                No
Luke          	Witte	        Cape Fear Community College	Men's Golf	                No
Siana	        Wong	        UNC	                        Women's Golf	                No
Dain	        Hutton	        East Carolina	                Men’s Tennis	                No
James	        Stopka	        Undecided	                Men’s tennis	                No
Angelin	        Bagnoli	        WCU	                        Women's Basketball	        No
Jayla	        Harris	        VT	                        Women's Basketball	        No
McKenna	        Silver	        APP State	                Women’s Lacrosse	        No
Emma	        Kaltwang	Catawba	                        Women’s Lacrosse	        Yes
Taylor	        Schutt	        Wake Forest	                Women’s Lacrosse	        No
Synia	        Allen	        Montreat	                Women’s Lacrosse	        Yes
Rylee	        Woodruff	Undecided	                Women’s Lacrosse	        No
Aya  	        Darwish	        Undecided	                Women’s Lacrosse	        No
Aniyah  	Quilan	        Greensboro College	        Women’s Lacrosse	        Yes
DJ	        Anderson	East Carolina	                Football	                No
Tyler	        Anderson	Western Carolina	        Football	                Yes
Jacob	        Barlow	        App State	                Football	                No
Michael         Becker	        NC State	                Football	                No
Braeden	        Bluitt	        UNC Charlotte	                Football	                No
Jalen	        Brooks	        A&T	                        Football	                No
Carlton	        Coleman	        UNC-Greensboro	                Football	                No
Chuck	        Conaway	        UNC-Greensboro	                Football	                No
Teddy	        Forde	        Hampden-Sydney	                Football	                Yes
Tobi	        Fowale	        A&T	                        Football	                No
Justin	        Franklin	NC State	                Football	                No
Michael	        Frogge	        Wake Forest	                Football	                Yes
Jalen	        Graves	        Winston Salem State	        Football	                No
Evan	        Klick	        UNC Charlotte	                Football	                No
Austin	        Lambeth	        Salina Technical College	Football	                No
Trevor	        Lott	        St. Augustine	                Football	                No
Andrew	        McGowan		                                Football	                No
Asa	        McMillian	A&T	                        Football	                No
Nyles	        Mosley	        Western Carolina	        Football	                No
Hayden	        Parker	        NC State	                Football	                No
Rashawn	        Pleasant	GTCC	                        Football	                No
Trey	        Ruff	        Winston Salem Stat	        Football	                No
Devon	        Ryals		                                Football	                No
Ethan	        Ryan	        UNC-Pembroke	                Football	                Yes
Jake	        Wagoner	        Mars Hill	                Football	                No
Trevor	        Watkins	        University of South Carolina	Football	                No
Bacon,          Melanie	        NC State	                XC, Indoor Track	        No	
English,        Amaya	        Western Carolina	        Indoor, Outdoor Track	        Yes	
Fredericks,     Emma	        UNC-Charlotte	                XC, Indoor, Outdoor	        Yes	
Harris,         Amelia	        UNC Chapel Hill	                Indoor	                        No	
Rackers,        Hope	        Georgia Tech	                XC, Indoor, Outdoor	        No	
Riggs,          Kayleigh	UNC-Wilmington	                XC	                        No	
West,           Rebekah	        GTCC	                        XC	                        No	
Wilkins,        Meagan	        Norfolk State University	Indoor	                        No	
Zielinski,      Alex	        UNC Chapel Hill	                Indoor	                        No	
Fox,            Blaine	        UNC-Charlotte	                XC, Indoor, Outdoor	        No	
Fredericks,     William	        App State	                XC, Indoor, Outdoor	        No	
Graves,         Jalen	        Winston-Salem State	        Indoor, Outdoor	                No	
Hutton,         Dain	        East Carolina	                XC	                        No	
Pleasant,       Rashawn	        GTCC	                        Outdoor	                        No	
Ribando,        Guy	        UNC-Charlotte	                XC, Indoor, Outdoor	        No	
Ruff,           Trey	        Winston-Salem State	        Outdoor	                        No	
Sims,           Josiah	        GTCC	                        Outdoor	                        No	
Swartz,         Ryan	        UNC Chapel Hill	                XC	                        No	
Williams,       Nate	        East Carolina	                Indoor, Outdoor	                Yes	
Abby            Schoppa	        Georgia Southern-Exercise Science	                       yes		
Aiden           McNeill				
Anna Grace      Rogers	        Aveda Institute CLT- cosmetology	                       No		
Cadee           Gafford	        NC State- Textile design	                               No		
Eliza           Murphy	        NC State-criminology and psychology	                       no		
Guy Evan        Ribando				
Hanna           Burge	        UNC Wilmington to major in nursing	                       Not swimming in college		
Julie           Gu	        UNC Chapel Hill, Major: Chemistry	                       No		
Justin          Gillespie				
Kendall         Skiles	        UNC Wilmington Major: Marine Biology	                       No		
Lauren          Ryall	        UNC Chapel Hill, Major: Biology			
Lynette         Jimenez	        UNC Greensboro	                                               no		
Preston         Forst	        Stanford	                                               yes		
Taika           Sorjonen	UNC Chapel Hill, Majors: Political Science and Peace Studies   no		
Taylor Ann      O’Connor	High Point University Major: Graphic Design	               no		
Valerie         Kluepfel	UNC Charlotte Major: Nursing/Air Force ROTC	               no		
Heath 	        Gonyer	        Appalachian State	            Wrestling	                        YES Wrestling 
Jake 	        Barlow	        Appalachian State	            Wrestling, Football, Track	        YES Wrestling 
Chase 	        Henderson	Greensboro College	            Football, Wrestling and Lacrosse	YES Lacrosse
Max 	        Ben-field	Appalachian State	            Wrestling/Football	                No
Cameron 	Klutz	        ECU	                            Wrestling/Football	                No
Owen 	        Elwonger	University of Mississippi	    Baseball and Wrestling 	        No
Zac	        White	        GTCC	                            Wrestling 	                        No
Lexton	        Hallisey	Undecided	                    Wrestling 	                        No 
Patrick 	Camden	        Undecided	                    Wrestling 	                        No